Nature Courtesy: The Right Way to Hike

Are you moving to Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder, or any other part of Colorado? If a move to this great state is in your future, you’ll love all of the nature trails that we have to offer. But, before you head out on a hike, run, walk, or bike ride, there are a few nature rules that you should know about.

CC Image courtesy of Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho on Flickr

1. Avoid littering. Every year, tons of trash is found on trails, in parks, and across the state in outdoor areas. The courtesy here is to throw your trash into a recycling bin (you’ll find that these are located throughout most trails and parks), or put your garbage into your backpack until you can find a recycling bin. Whatever you do, don’t throw your trash on the ground.

2. Be careful. Nature is powerful. Trying to push your limits by scaling a massive rock formation when you’ve never climbed before is not a good thing. Know what your personal limits are, and make sure to stay within those limits in order to remain safe.

3. Have respect for nature. The animals and plants that live in the forest and on the trails were there before you were, so make sure to respect those things by not pulling plants, and not taunting animals.

4. Stay on the path. Not only should you stay on the path for your own safety, but keeping to an already made trail means keeping trails intact. Sometimes, hikers forge different paths to avoid mud and other obstacles, but this creates a muddled path. Stick to the trail, and you’ll enjoy getting past those difficult parts.

5. Mind the rules. At the start of each trail, you will see a set of rules. For example, some trails allow dogs and some do not. Some trails allow bicycles, and some do not. There are reasons why these rules have been created, so do your best to abide by them.

6. Find the right trails before you leave. If you want to bring your bicycle or dog, look online to find a trail that you can explore that allows for both or either one. This way, you can avoid getting a fine for brining your bicycle or dog on a trail that doesn’t allow either option.

7. Enjoy! There’s really no freedom quite like the freedom of getting outside in the sunshine and enjoying nature. Relish in the fresh air, the amazing trails, and the natural landscape that this state has to offer, and spend every moment enjoying nature and leaving the connected world behind.

Getting Ready for Your Move

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to moving to a new state. Start by going through the stuff that you have (don’t forget the hiking gear!), and then moving to the stuff that you want to get rid of. Once you’ve sorted through all of your things, you can start packing some boxes and making arrangements with a moving company. If you need some helping moving, you can call us too. We offer full-service moving services ranging from packing to storage (we have storage facilities to offer too).

The advantage of hiring a moving company to help you move to a new place is that you can start enjoying things like hiking trails right away, since you won’t have to finalize all of those moving details on you own. We want to help you move, but we also want to provide you with enough moving tips and advice, so that you can move comfortable and securely without a lot of hassle. That’s why we’ve loaded up our blog with all kinds of help that you may find useful. You can also feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. When it comes to moving, Exodus has your back – and will save your back from all that heavy lifting! When you do arrive in Colorado, make sure to respect nature’s rules, and you’ll enjoy everything that this amazing state has to offer. And, remember, the more you take care of the nature trails that you find, the better those trails will be for years to come.