Moving Your Babies With You: How to Move Plants

Plants are a very important factor in any persons life (whether they know it or not). They beautify our surroundings, give us something to take care and add so much to our lives. When we make the big change in our life situations, we want to take our green friends with us, and most importantly, want them to survive the trip. A couple of things to consider:


Consider your trip, and what kind of temperatures you will be moving to, and what kind of temperatures that your moving truck will be driving through. Where you are going may be your green friend’s perfect client, but is the chilly 2 day trip ideal?


Make sure that you move all of your babies into unbreakable plastic pots. Nothing would be worse than planning everything perfectly but overlooking your favorite super fragile clay hand painted pots.

You may be leaving your plants for a little while, so make sure that they have no destructive friends that are living in or on the soil or leaves. If you decide to use insect killing agents, make sure to keep them out of your house and away from your children and pets. For the best plant aide and repair for your plants problems go to your local nursery for help.


Prune your larger plants to allow them to fit into compact places and boxes. If you have a gardening or plant book, check it to see how best to prune each plant.


You may not be able to take every plant with you (like outside backyard plants) but you can take cuttings from them to start a whole new plant in your new place. Once cut wrap them in peat moss or wet newspaper and set them inside an unsealed zip lock bag (plants need oxygen too!)


Make sure to water them normally before you leave! You don’t want to do all of the work only to find you’ve neglected them most important element.
Moving Day

Make sure to pack your plants last. This is a very unstable environment for them, so giving them plenty of space and less time in the truck or car is ideal. Dishpack boxes (adjustable shelves) and plastic bag on the bottom is a great way to pack a number of small plants. For large plants, consider wardrobe boxes for the larger ones. If being exposed to hot temperatures, stuff some newspaper around them to keep cool during the move. If you have control, try to get your plants sun if you are staying overnight. Your plants should be the first thing you unpack from your moving truck and put in their new home as soon as possible.

If moving your plants in a closed car, pay attention to the temperature. Too hot? Too cold? Too much sun? Not enough? Make provisions for your babies if you would like them to survive the trip.