Moving Up In the World

Moving to Denver can be exhausting for more than just the usual reasons. Many people underestimate the effects altitude can have on your mood, energy level and overall health. Unless you are relocating specifically from a mountain community, chances are there will be some adjustment taking place during your move, not only in your life but also in your body. They call Denver the Mile High City for 5,280 little reasons.

Because of the height of the Denver Metro, the air itself contains less oxygen then that of sea level air. This “thinner” air causes your heart to have to work harder to facilitate blood flow through your system. The water in your body evaporates more rapidly and can quickly create a dehydration situation.

Altitude sickness can present itself in a variety of ways. In fact, often newcomers to the city simply believe they are getting a common cold. But the symptoms can be more like a combination flu bug/carbon monoxide poisoning with a little bit of hangover for good measure. Experiences of nausea, headaches, lack of appetite, nose bleeds, shortness of breath and fatigue are quite common.

During your move to higher altitude, it is also important to increase your carbohydrate intake as it will give you more sustainable energy. Is it also a good idea to incorporate more garlic and more bananas into your daily food regimen. Instead of giving into the temptation to drink extra coffee to provide that quick pick me up to get through your move, we suggest drinking more water and other non caffeinated beverages to avoid the additional dehydration that caffeine provides. And while it may not be realistic during relocation, it is good to try to lighten up on the extreme physical activity and get a little extra sleep. By being the professional, helpful mover on your side, it is one of our greatest goals to help out with this last important point.