Moving Safe: Avoid Accidents and Bodily Injury

Moving may not always be emotionally painful, but may cause unforeseen physical damage unexpectedly. There are simple ways to avoid causing injury to yourself and if you are smart to others…as you will pass this on as an act of good faith towards humankind 🙂

The first and most important factor of your move is your rented equipment. Renting proper equipment not only insures simpler more for heavier, larger items but more importantly saves your from back strain and further injury. Straps are also essential in securing boxes and items that are larger and hard to move on your own.

On that same note packing your boxes should be strategic as well. When packing for your move make sure that your boxes are no heavier than 50 pounds.  This will not only help boxes from not squishing one another but again will prevent back strain in your move.

Also, check out the safety of the area that you are moving into. Inspecting your new area is a vital part of your move. It prevents you from finding things out like “oh, that walkway has a bunch of loose floorboards” or “oh, I just hang-lined myself on that tree branch on my way in”. Inspecting these things before you move your things physically in is key.  Areas to inspect include: walkways, sidewalks, steps, trees, doors and any obstacle that you may encounter with a load of boxes in your hands.

Checking the place that you are moving into assures that you will arrive in one piece.