Moving Quickly? Here’s Some Help!

Life is really good at throwing curveballs! Right when you least expect it, you may have to move. Moving in a hurry can be really stressful, but even this type of move can be stress-free if it’s done properly – really! The first step is to hire a full service moving team like Exodus Moving and Storage. A team of certified professionals can help you pack and move without worry – just leave it all to us.


Woman Writing in Day PlannerThe next step – and this will be the big one – is trying to sell your current home or rent out your place. Since you weren’t expecting to move, you probably don’t have anything set up in the way of a home sale or rental process. Use this guide to help you work out those house details, so that you can focus on the reason behind your move.


Optimal Choices


If you currently live with someone that will be moving with you, it might be a good idea to leave that person behind while you move into your new home. Why? Because the person that remains in your home can work with a real estate agent, show your home to potential buyers or renters, and handle all of the paperwork. That person will have to pack too, so you may want to hire professional cleaners to handle the cleaning of a home.


No roommate or significant other? Don’t worry! There are many more options to consider like:


1. Work very closely with a real estate agent.

2. Rent out to people with solid referrals.

3. Consider background checks for potential renters.

4. Ask a trusted friend or relative to show your home, collect your mail, and set up other necessary appointments.


If you have to leave your home empty for a while, there are some additional precautions that you should take.


Keeping Your Home Safe


Home Symbol from HandsThe last thing that you want to do is invite intruders into your empty home. Follow these safety measures when leaving your home unoccupied for any length of time:


1. Purchase and set up automatic timers that will activate house lights at different times each night.


2. Make sure that someone collects your mail, so that it’s not piling up outside of your home – or, even better, ask the post office to start forwarding your mail to your new address.


3. If you have a home security alarm, make sure that it is activated whenever someone is not in your house.


4. Teach any friends that will be checking on your home (or real estate agents) how to use your house alarm system.


5. Do not post information about your move on social networks – this can be very tricky, since you may want to use social networks to rent or sell your house. If this is the case, be sure to set up privacy settings, so that your immediate friends (and nobody else) can see your new status notifications.


The other thing that you’ll want to check into is your current home insurance plan. Does your plan still cover your home if you aren’t living in it? This is an important question to ask your current insurance representative. Otherwise, you may not be covered if someone breaks into your home while you are living in another place. Also, do not assume that any renters are automatically covered. When it comes to home insurance, it’s definitely better to ask questions before you make any big moves.


Speaking of Moving…


You shouldn’t have to fret over any aspect of moving, even if you are moving at the very last minute. You may not have the time to set up real estate meetings, meet with renters, arrange your new accommodations, and pack up your whole house (what a mouthful!). A full service moving company can bring the boxes, the packers, the muscle, and all of the arranged details directly to you. All you have to do is figure out a good day and time, and let your chosen moving company do the rest.


If you are moving to Fort Collins or Denver (or to another place from one of these locations), don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our goal is to make sure that your move goes smoothly, and we are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Keep in mind that we also have large storage areas in both Denver and Fort Collins that can be useful when you’re not sure what to leave and what to move. Call us today, and let us help you with that last minute move!