Moving Out of State: Things to Consider

1. License and Registration

As a new resident to say, California, you must change over to a new California license in 12 days of moving otherwise try getting pulled over and getting slapped with a great big fine! Other states have similar laws. If you arent sure where to contact your nearest DMV or for that matter what the rules are, check out the private, not government website. A great resource for checking in on all of the rule.

2. Change of Address

Not only do you want your magazine subscriptions but you need all of your important mail forwarded to your new home as soon as possible! Get that change of address in from the nearest Post Office,  or here online

3. Register to Vote

Whether you are a political nut or not, being able to vote on an election or issues that matter to you are essential for getting involved in your community. Check out this site to vote on important issues in your new community