Moving Long Distance: How to Smooth the Transition for Your Kids


Two Children

The truth is, whether you use a moving company or not, moving is stressful.

Unfortunately it’s often our most precious cargo that receives the brunt of the stress: Our kids.

When you’re moving long distance you need to have a plan to make the transition as smooth as possible for your kids.


Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to make the change smooth for them.

Start by considering their perspective by putting yourself in their shoes.  Much of the time kids have little say or autonomy over their lives.  That’s rough enough as it is, but it’s even more challenging during a move.

Implement these three tips to help your kids during their transition:

  • Involve Your Kids in the Moving Process

Talk to your kids about the plan.  Involve them in the decisions, so much as it’s possible.  When kids have a choice, even if it’s to pick from two choices you gave them, they feel more in control of their lives.

For example, you could give them a choice in customizing their new bedroom.  “Would you like this color or that color?” This will reduce their stress and will likely make them more receptive to the upcoming change in their lives.

  • Remember, Moving Long Distance Means Your Kids will Switch Schools

Remember how stressful going to school could be?  Now consider your kids will be switching schools and will be the new kids on the block.

Remedy this stress by talking to them about the move and their new school.  Assuming you’ve already chosen where they’ll go to school, tell them about it.  Get excited and passionate about it!  Your excitement and positive attitude will be contagious.

Show them the school’s webpage, and talk about the school mascot and things that make their school unique.  Help them visualize their success and happiness at school.  It’ll make them more comfortable, which in turn will make you feel better too.

  • Settled In?  Help Your Kids Make Friends

The moving company just left and you’re finally getting settled.  What’s next?

Little is more important to kids than their friends.  You remember being a kiddo and looking forward to time spent with your friends.  Moving long distance means your kids will need to make new friends.  The sooner they do, the sooner they’ll acclimate to their new environment and the happier your family will be.

Help them get involved in community activities.  This is especially important if you move when school is not in session.  Checkout the local library, churches, and community centers for ideas to get your kids involved.  Before you know it they will meet similar aged kids in your new community.  And who knows, you may even make a new friend too.

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