Moving High Value Items

Creating peace of mind is no simple task. This becomes especially true when you are moving high value items from point A to point B. The need to move things can be for a myriad of reasons: you are moving house, you are transporting a collection, you are facilitating a trade show. But regardless of the event that brings this concept to light, Exodus moving and Storage is uniquely qualified to handle it with care and precision.

What is a High Value Item?

Generally speaking, most movers offer basic liability insurance that covers up to 60 cents per pound per item during your move. The definition of a high value item is something that carries a worth of approx $100 or more per pound. These items can include anything of published value but here is a comprehensive list of possible high value items:

Museum Exhibits, Computer Equipment, Complex Machinery, Point of Sale Systems, Antiques, Precious Stones or Gems, Art Collections, Coin Collections, Oriental Rugs, Store Fixtures, Fine Furs.

How do you Protect High Value Items?

Being protected is vital when transporting high value items and products. It’s important to know how the valuation services function from mover to mover.  Ask how your items will be protected.  Also make certain to fill out the corresponding paperwork in order to make certain that your items are estimated at their full replacement value. The Bill of Lading should have the full value of your cumulative and specific items listed. With Exodus, not only do we offer additional insurances to provide peace of mind but we also meticulously wrap and protect all of your items so you don’t have to worry.

Why is Exodus Different?

Utmost care, specialized equipment and abilities and complete professionalism are just a few things you can count on with Exodus. As the premier mover for the US Department of Defense, we take pride in our attention to detail on a wide scale. We are trusted by large companies and individuals alike because we have the know how to plan the logistics and the heart to care about what we are moving. One of the main reasons we are trusted because is because we don’t subcontract our labor.  The people moving your high dollar items will be background checked by us, drug tested by us and employed by us creating complete accountability. Because we meticulously plan and actually employ those who serve you, there is no needless finger pointing when it comes to taking responsibility for you high value items.