Moving and the Dreaded Chore of Cleaning

Love it or hate it, it’s a necessary evil. I’m talking about cleaning, and for the majority of us, it’s something we have to do. Who wants to move into someone else’s mess? And if you’re a renter, it’s mandatory in order to get your security deposit back. Most people understand the importance of cleaning the place when you’ve moved, and wouldn’t imagine leaving the new tenants or buyers with a bad image of the kind of person you are.

You might be lucky enough to hire a cleaning company to take care of the dirty work for you, and in that case, lucky you! However, you’ve probably opted to splurge on a Denver moving company instead, leaving the task of cleaning the only one you need to worry about. If that’s the case, here’s a handy list to help you through the nitty gritty.


As your mom probably told you, it’s easiest to start with the toughest task first. You’ll thank yourself later! The kitchen is probably the dirtiest of rooms, and if not the dirtiest, the least enjoyable. Start by wiping out the cabinets, inside and out. Even if the only thing stored inside was dishes, a good wipe down will rid the surface inside of all dust and crumbs that might be inside. Start with the overhead cabinets, move to the countertops, and end with the lower cabinets. This systematic approach will ensure you aren’t getting crumbs and dust all over a surface you’ve just cleaned.

Wipe down all appliances, inside and out. A magic eraser works wonders on stubborn baked on stove stains and grease spatter that might be on the surface of your stove. Don’t forget the oven and inside the dishwasher!

The fridge is something you want to pay extra attention to. Wipe down all shelves and drawers completely, and defrost the freezer. If possible, you can remove the shelves and drawers and wash them in the sink to get in all the nooks and crannies. Don’t leave any food behind, even if you don’t plan on taking it with you.


This is another room that just about everyone despises cleaning, but it has to be done. Clean out the sink, scrub the toilet, and make the shower sparkling clean. Just like with your stove, a magic eraser can make quick work of getting rid of soap scum that doesn’t budge for cleaning solutions! Be sure you clean the area behind your toilet, which can be neglected.

If you are repainting this room, be sure you choose paint made for bathrooms. The humidity and wetness of the room calls for it.

The Rest

  • Be sure all closets are cleaned out completely, and this includes coat hangers.
  • Clean the carpets, especially if they are dingy and stained. You can choose to hire a carpet cleaning company once you’ve cleaned the rest of the house, or you can rent a carpet cleaner yourself from your local hardware store.
  • Wash the floors, hardwood or tile. Do this once everything’s moved so that they stay clean. If you are looking for an easy, chemical free way to get the job done, invest in a steam mop. This will make things sparkling clean, and all you need is water. Bonus: you can use it in your new house, and all pads are reusable and machine washable.
  • Don’t forget to wash the windows, both inside and out. If cleaning the outside of the windows just isn’t possible, don’t forget the insides.
  • Keep that magic eraser handy and remove all scuffs that might appear on your walls from moving furniture, crayon marks from the kids, and stubborn stains in general. Once the tough spots have been dealt with, wash down the entire surface of the wall with a damp cloth.
  • Are the blinds remaining? Be sure you dust the slats. Also be sure to dust any ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Cleaning a place you don’t live anymore isn’t fun. However, it’s something that must be done after the Denver moving company moves your stuff. Follow these guidelines, and the process will be a little easier to manage.