Moving to Denver? Top 10 Spots

There are so many things to do in Denver, it’s really tough to narrow them all down into a top ten list. But, some things stand out more than most. So, here are the top ten things to do in Denver – don’t miss them!


CC Image courtesy of davidwilson1949 on Flickr
CC Image courtesy of davidwilson1949 on Flickr

1. Red Rocks Park: this park is formed from red rocks that are large and looming, and have been in the same amazing spot for more than 250 years. That’s a long time for some beautiful rock formations! Red Rocks is also a top concert spot thanks to the natural acoustics that just so happen to rival the best stadiums in the world! If you get the chance, make sure to catch a concert at Red Rocks.


2. 16th Street Mall: this outdoor shopping area is filled to the brim with great places to grab a coffee, find a new outfit, or just hang out. If you love to shop, the 16th Street Mall is really something that you have to see – just bring comfortable walking shoes.


3. Coors Field Baseball Stadium: even if you’re not a fan of the Colorado Rockies, catching a game at this outdoor stadium is an event in itself. Lovely to look at and a great way to enjoy a game or two, Coors Field is Denver’s claim to fame.


4. Elitch Gardens: love rollercoasters and things that make you scream? Elitch Gardens was originally built during the 1800s, but today the amusement park is still a lot of fun (though it did move from its original location some time ago). If you’re looking for a day of sunshine and laughs, Elitch Gardens is the perfect destination.


5. The Botanic Gardens: there’s just something about this spot that’s entirely Zen. If you’re feeling stressed out or in need of a break, the Botanic Gardens in all of its splendor is the perfect place to walk around, view some gorgeous and lush plants, and take the time to stop and smell the roses (literally!).


CC Image courtesy of apasciuto on Flickr
CC Image courtesy of apasciuto on Flickr

6. Coors Brewery: do I really need to explain why this visit is a good idea? There’s nothing like a fresh Coors brew straight from the Rockies! You do have to be 21 years or older to sample the taste of Coors in Denver. If you head out on a tour of the brewing facility, you will see how the beer is made, what it’s made of, and learn a lot about Coors as a company.


7. Brown Palace Hotel: this hotel is throwback to the time of opulence. It’s an amazing hotel to look at, it’s beautiful inside and out, and it will remind you of yesteryear. Book a room for the night, or just walk around the lobby. This hotel is also the perfect spot for wedding shots!


8. Molly Brown House: if you love history, the Molly Brown House will take you back to Victorian times. Molly Brown was also one of the lone survivors of The Titanic, so that’s something to think about as you stroll through her house.


9. The U.S. Mint: it’s kind of neat to see where money is made, don’t you think? Just learning about this process is fun too. Tucked away in the heart of Denver, this is a must see spot on any tour of your new town.


10. The Denver Art Museum: you don’t hear much about this museum outside of Denver, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stop! Even if art museums aren’t really your thing, this museum is worth a walk through on a rainy or snowy day. Plus, the museum has lots of visiting exhibits that are well worth a day or two.


Moving to Denver


As you can see, there are lots of excellent things to do in Denver. If you are moving to Denver, make sure to call professional movers, so that you can sit back and enjoy the sights. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we are a full-service Denver moving company offering moving options in addition to a massive storage facility – just in case you can’t fit everything in your new home! Call us today to see how we can schedule your move, so that you can check out some of the things listed above. We love life in Denver, and we know that you will enjoy what awaits you in this great town too.