Moving Day Must Dos

1. Think about location when selecting your storage. Where, how easily must it be accessed, how often will you need to access?
2. Try to fill the boxes to the top when packing, even if it’s just with padding and old, crumpled newspapers. Boxes that are only half-filled tend to collapse if anything’s placed on them.
3. If you’re storing a refrigerator in your unit leave the door ajar. This will prevent mold from growing inside.
4. If loading your own unit – leave walk ways in the middle and near the walls of the unit, for access and air flow.
5. Putting pallets, milk crates, or plaMoving-Day-for-Webstic storage bins on the floor of the unit will eliminate the risk of water damage.
6. Full service storage options allows for the unit to be packed professionally; with the blankets, plastic wrap, straps, and all the protection in place during storage.
7. Ask about climate controlled storage. This is best for leather furniture, candles, oil paintings, sensitive electronics, plasma or LCD televisions, records, or any highly sensitive antiques that could be damaged with humidity and heat.
8. Always keep your personal / high value items with you. Don’t store expensive jewelry, identification / personal documents, weaponry (guns and ammo), etc.
9. Empty any gas run equipment before storing, including lawn mowers, trimmers, etc. Just let them run until they are out of juice the last time you use the tools.
10. Don’t store liquids (especially cleaning supplies with harsh chemicals). In the changing temperatures, liquids have the opportunity to freeze, heat, and spill on your keepsakes. If you MUST store liquids like shampoo or lotion (non hazardous) be sure to put them in a zip lock bag and store in a plastic bin.
11. Self Storage? Ask about security measures at the location; cameras? Security guards? Gated area? Code and Key access?
12. Might need to get to it? Put these items closest to the door for easy access.
13. Label. Label. Label. Know what is in each box, in case you need to get to it during storage and so you know where the box goes when you move into your new residence.
14. Use blankets, sheets, and tarps to protect your goods from dust in storage.
15. You are better off renting a smaller unit that is filled or packed to near the top (”high and tight” as they say in the industry), rather than renting a larger unit and only filling the floor area (”floating” per indsustry lingo).

16. Let Exodus Help you do the rest…