Moving Boxes for a Frugal World

Moving boxes seem to be everywhere. In your storage closet, all around stores and retailers, they just seem to be accessible in all places. However before you move, when you are planning to get your things packed and ready to go, you can’t seem to find a box to save your life. What is this phenomenon all about? And the better question is: where do you find the boxes once you realize that you need them?

Below are a few ideas on where you can find moving boxes, along with some insights into them.

Store Boxes

Check your local grocery store, liquor store or even department store for boxes. Most companies will just leave their boxes outside for people like you, desperate for moving materials. So make sure to coordinate or call with an owner or manager of a store to make sure that you are coming at the right time. You don’t want to make a scene ripping the boxes out of other people’s hands. This is one of the most cost effective ways to find moving boxes.

Online Retailers

Most people believe that because there are moving boxes out in the world that have already been used and are sitting in some pile, which they shouldn’t be paying for a set of boxes. Well the response to that is that you are correct and not correct. If you buy new boxes, you are guaranteed to have the sturdiest box that a new box could have. However if you buy a slew of new boxes not only is this not cost effective but is also not environmentally friendly. Either way you choose there are pros and cons. And that brings us to our next category.

Used Moving Boxes

There is always the Craigslist ad for 100 free moving boxes for free, or for a couple of dollars. In fact this is an excellent way to get RID of the boxes that you are not using after your move and are settled into your home.  It is also a way to get a slew of boxes all together and also a great way to save money. Once you go and pick them up make sure that you sort through the bad boxes that look like they are going to rip and tear. It would be such a sad sight to see your personal belongings shattering on the ground. Make sure also that once you get home; build your boxes with strong moving tape to keep them reinforced.