Moving Into An Apartment? Here’s What You Need to Know!

No lawn to mow, no landscaping to do, and no taxes to pay. Apartment living can certainly have its benefits. This is especially true if you are moving to a city that tends to have too many people and overpriced houses – better to live in an apartment and save up some cash first! Plus, you can find some great apartments if you spend some time looking (rent controlled is best)!


Movers Moving BoxesBut, there are some things that are certainly different about living in apartment. There are some unwritten rules that you’ll have to follow if you want to make nice with the neighbors and avoid angering your new landlord (or the city police!). Take a look!


1. If you are going to block the entrance to a building or a major street with your massive moving truck, make sure that you have clearance from both the building owner and the city. You don’t want to be slapped with a fine when you decide to shut Main Street down to make room for your stuff!


2. Does your new building have an elevator? If so, you’ll want to double-check that no other tenant is moving on the same day that you are. Call up your new landlord and find out if you’ll run into an elevator moving battle!


3. How big are your largest pieces of furniture? One of the biggest mistakes that people moving from a home into an apartment make is trying to fit a massive piece of furniture through a small apartment door. If your old home had big doorframes and lots of space, you might find yourself struggling to get a couch or table into your new home! Measure first and move second.


4. Make sure that everything is labeled, and that you know what room you will be using for what purpose. Example: the old tenant may have used the room with the fireplace for a living room, but you may want to turn that room into your dining room. Figure out the room situation before you try to move. This way, you can clearly label each box so that it makes sense.


5. Consider making a map. The people that you hire to move your stuff may not know what room is what, so a map might help.


Be Neighborly


Brick Apartment BuildingOther tenants may wonder who you are at first, so it doesn’t hurt to walk around after your move and introduce yourself. You never know, you may find a nice neighbor or two that you can easily be friends with. Making sure that your landlord likes you is important too, so do make nice right away! If the apartment you’re moving into is actually a condo by definition, find out if you can be a part of the committee as soon as you arrive. You may not be active right away, but taking part in major decisions is a good idea (and one that’s likely to impact your wallet!).


Prep Your Moving Company


If you have a strange piece of furniture that will only fit in a door one way, you may want to let your moving company know. You may also want to ask the moving company you’re working with if they can move every item that you have. Pianos, for example, may require transportation by crane, and this isn’t something that every moving company has at the ready.


When you do decide to book a moving company in Fort Collins, Colorado, make sure that the company you choose is a full-service moving company. Full service companies can help you pack, move, and unload professionally. What’s the difference? Some companies that aren’t full-service may not be able to help you pack. It’s up to you to decide if packing is something you need help with, but having a bunch of people help you pack can take a load off!


Enjoy Apartment Life!


There are so many freedoms that come with apartment life. Forget about maintenance, repairing appliances or broken things, buying stuff like fixtures, and all of those other little things that you had to do when you lived in a house. The trick to making an apartment feel like a house is to find one that’s spacious, sunny, and well maintained. Not sure if an apartment is for you? Speak with other tenants to find out what life is like where you are moving.


If you need more help, make sure to give Exodus Moving and Storage a call. When it comes to moving, we’re here for you!