After the Move: How to Unpack

Are you surrounded by boxes upon boxes? Have you been using the biggest box as your dining room table for more than a few nights? Now that you’ve moved, what are you going to do with all of those things? Is there a civilized way to unpack?


CC Image courtesy of Jeffrey on Flickr
CC Image courtesy of Jeffrey on Flickr

Relax! We have you covered! There’s a definite way to unpack, organize, and make your new home liveable. Grab a cup of something warm (if you can find the cups!), and read through this unpacking list before you start to feel overwhelmed.


1. Pick the room that’s the most important. Usually, this is the kitchen or the bathroom. Since you need both of these rooms, it’s not a bad idea to start unpacking boxes of items that belong in this room first. Begin with the larger items, and then start unpacking things like utensils and soaps. As soon as you have the first two important rooms unpacked and set up, it will be a lot simpler to move to the other rooms.


2. Take your time. Even though you may have the kicthen and bathroom all unpacked and ready to go, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should move at warp speed to unpack the rest of your boxes. In fact, it’s a much better idea to spread out unpacking over the span of a few days. As you start to unpack, you may have a ton of energy. But, that energy will likely wear out as you move to the third room – and then you’ll wind up being simply tired. At the tired stage, it’s hard to do anything with accuracy. So, wait a day.


3. Move to the big things. Art and other wall items can wait a day or two. Set up your couch, tables, television, and any other larger items first. This way, you can entertain a person or two if you need to (and you may even have a place to sit).


4. Don’t rush the art process. As far as decorating goes, this aspect of unpacking and moving into a new home can certainly wait for days or weeks. Before you simply place everything you had in your old home in your new one, think about whether or not your old items actually fit in with your new home décor. You may find that a few items deserve to be sent to storage or sold.


5. Let there be light! While you don’t have to place your lamps where they will go permanantly, it’s not a bad idea to plug in a few lights, so that you have some ambiance inside of your new home. Also, it’s never a bad idea to have some light to work with (or to unpack to).


6. Explore a bit. Sure, the rest of your stuff has to be unpacked, but don’t become so involved in unpacking that you don’t take the time to explore your new area. You may even find a piece or two that fits in perfectly with your new home (and maybe you’ll even find some takeout places that will help you fill food needs while you unpack!).


7. Sleepy time. If you have kids, planning to set up a bed (or a mattress, at least) is a good thing to do at the start of your move. Another way to make moving fun for kids is to place a few sleeping bags on the floor – your kids will love camping out in your new home for a couple of days!


8. Learn to relax. Moving really doesn’t have to be stressful. Besides, you’ve gone through the toughest part of the move already. Now, it’s just time to unpack, look through your things, set up your new home, and enjoy the town that you have moved to. Whatever you do, don’t stress!


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