How to Move a Motorcycle (and Other Vehicles)

If you have a motorcycle sitting in your garage, you’ll have to make some special arrangements in order to move your bike safely. Thankfully, you have a few options when it comes to moving your motorcycle. Here are some of our suggestions for moving your bike to your new home.


Old Motorcycle1. Go for a ride. Why not hop on your bike and ride to your new home? If you are moving to a nearby town or a state that’s not too far away, a nice bike ride might be an ideal way to see some scenery while also getting a handle for your new surroundings. Plus, your bike will arrive safely. Can you say ‘road trip!’?


2. Trail it. You can also rent a special motorcycle trailer if you don’t have the time or energy to ride to your new home. What makes a motorcycle trailer different from all the other trailers out there? These come with special ways to lock down your bike so it doesn’t shift during transport. Plus, motorcycle hitch options are a lot smaller and are a better fit for a bike than a larger option.


3. Put it in the back. If you own a pickup truck, you can hoist your back in the back of your truck for safe hauling. Chances are that you already have the right tie-downs for your bike, so this is a great and safe option.


4. Ask a friend to drive it. Why not ask a buddy to join you on your moving adventure? If you can’t drive your bike, maybe someone else can. Just ask! This would be especially fun if you are moving far away and want some company. Your friend can always fly back to the home base, but you can both enjoy a nice little road trip.


5. Moving long distance? If you have to transport your bike by air, you will need to make special arrangements with an airline to do so. Typically, cargo flights are the way to go when moving motorcycles. You can try looking for a logistics company online that deals with personal freight or smaller containers (like your bike), or ask us for some tips.


Man on Motorcycle6. Ask your professional moving company what you should do. If you aren’t sure what kind of trailer to rent, who to call, or need help with other details, just ask your professional moving company.


What about the other odd vehicles you have?


Moving Large Equipment


Most vehicles can be moved with a specialized trailer. But, if you’re looking to move large industrial farming equipment or other equipment, it’s a really good idea to make sure that you have the right setup. There are certain laws that require very large loads to come with an accompanying ride, so make sure to look into that before you try to move something massive. You can try your luck at finding a large load mover online, but make sure that the person you book is insured. You don’t want to wind up with a broken vehicle that can’t be replaced!


It’s also a really good idea to connect with a moving company before you making arrangements to move any large piece of equipment. Specialized movers can make sure that your expensive equipment gets where it needs to go safely. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself, wrecking your machinery, or hurting someone else – none of which are great scenarios! Didn’t hire a professional mover yet?


Here are some reasons why hiring a moving company is really the best way to go (and we’re not just saying that!).


Why Hire Professional Movers


Aside from getting your stuff where it needs to go in one neat piece, professional movers can also help you set up your move. At Exodus Moving and Storage, we’ve been in this business for many years, and that means that we have all kinds of contacts. If there’s something that we can’t move (like massive farm machinery), we can set you up with the right experts to handle the job.


When you work with us, you are also getting our expertise. Why? Because we want you (and your stuff) to arrive safely at your new home. Original, antique, or industrial vehicles can be a lot of fun to own, but moving those items is a whole different ballgame. Have you ever tried to move something that’s big, expensive, or just strange to move? We’d love to hear your stories! And, as always, let us know if you need some moving help – that’s what we’re here for!