How to Move Your Dog

Pets don’t always like to move. This is especially true when it comes to your dog. For a lot of dogs, moving to a new home is really stressful! You may not be able to avoid all of that doggy stress, but you can make the transition a bit easier by following some helpful steps and hiring the best moving company.


DogPreparing Your Pooch 


Before you move, try to pack up your items carefully and slowly, and don’t pack your dog’s toys until you have to. During this time, try to keep up with your dog’s normal walking, playing, and exercising routine. If you don’t change things too quickly, your dog will get used to the idea of things slowing disappearing or being put away in boxes.


If your new location isn’t too far away, bring your dog to the new home as often as you can. Let your dog sniff around, play with things, and get used to the new environment. If your dog gets to know the area, the move won’t be quite as stressful.


A Crate Idea!


Crating your dog is the only way to move to a location more than one hour away. But, dogs that aren’t used to crates won’t adapt to this type of move so easily. The best way to get your dog used to a crate is to slowly introduce the idea of traveling in a crate to your pooch. A few minutes per day in a crate in a car or sleeping in a crate works. If that doesn’t pan out, consider working with a dog trainer on crating.


Grooming Time


Did you know that dog nails could get stuck on fabric and between crate wires during moves? Dogs will dig when it comes time to move, and that means you could have a broken nail problem. The solution is to make sure your dog’s nails are clipped before your move.


Flight Time


Are you flying to your new home? This means that you will have to find an airline that’s really great with pets. Plus, you will have to set up accommodations with airlines that allow pets to fly as cargo – safe cargo. Provide your dog with plenty of food and water, and make sure to book a direct flight – booking a connecting flight to save a few bucks will result in a really stressful trip for your pup.


By Land 


Small DogDriving to your new home? Most dogs love car trips, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Consider a harness or use that crate during the trip. Also, make sure to stock up on the food and water, so that your dog doesn’t go hungry or get dehydrated during your travels. Car rides can be hard on puppies, so keep this in mind too.


ID Your Dog


When you arrive at your new home, let your dog run around right away. Take a few minutes to play with your dog, let him get used to the surroundings, and let him explore as much as he wants to. A really important step not to miss here is to get your dog’s ID tags printed right away with your new home address. This way, your dog won’t get lost if he tries to run back to your old home.


It’s also a good idea to take your dog out for a walk the moment that you can – and that should be right away. This way, your dog will get used to the neighborhood, smell other dogs that live nearby, and go on his merry way. If you are using a moving company, be sure that your dog isn’t in the way during the move – you don’t want your doggy to get hurt!


Play Date


The best way for your dog to get into a new environment is to set up a play date in the local dog park. Or, just find the local dog park! As soon as your dog sees that his routine, walks, and play will remain the same (and this his owner is still around!), he will adapt to new surroundings quickly. If you do notice that your dog is not acting right following a move, though, make sure to book an appointment with your local vet right away – some dogs just don’t do well during moves, but this should pass.


Need some more help figuring out a way to travel with your pooch? Exodus moving and storage is here to answer your moving questions if you need us to. Leave your comments below, and don’t forget to book your move with professional movers – moving is what we do best!