How to Move Your Business

Staring at the same wall every day can get really boring. If you’re tired of looking at the same thing or you need more space (or less!), it might be time to move your business. Moving a business can be a really great experience – especially if you’ve found that amazing new loft space with a ton of light. Not there yet? That’s okay. We can help you out when it comes to planning how to move your business.


choosing a path graphicHere are our best tips on how to move your business!


1. Always consider costs first. Moving to a new office space is a lot like moving to a new home or renting a bigger apartment. You really have to consider the costs of a new setup. Since you don’t want to tap into your revenue more than you do already, find out how much that new place will cost you. Then, remove that amount from your monthly cash flow for a period of three months. If you don’t miss the extra cash at the end of those months, you’re ready to roll. If you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, it might not be time to move – or maybe you need to find a cheaper spot.


2. Do keep up appearances. It doesn’t really matter how great you are at what you do. If the building you move to is in shambles, in a bad part of town, and the interior looks like someone’s basement setup, you’ll have a hard time gaining credibility. When it comes to an office that people visit regularly, appearances do matter.


3. Location is key. If you’re in advertising, you’ll want to be where all the best ad agencies are. If you work in the tech sector and you need more tech employees, you may want to move where those people tend to congregate. The same can be said for any kind of skilled labor job that requires people with particular skills. Setting up a massive auto parts company on Madison Avenue doesn’t make a lot of sense. See what I mean?


4. Figure out the current problem. Why do you want to move? Chances are that you have a very good idea of what isn’t working at your current location. Write down all of these things, and send the details to your real estate broker. Look for things that you don’t have right now, and try to better your current setup situation.


lobby of buildingSome Starting Out Tips


A lot of great companies started out in really small space – like dorm rooms! Don’t freak out if you can’t afford an amazing setup right now. It’s not a big deal. Focus on building your business, getting clients, and being the best at what you do. Eventually, you will be able to afford that mind-blowing office space.


Moving On Up


It’s really rare that a move doesn’t benefit a company. As previously mentioned, you already know what doesn’t work about your current setup. So, being able to handpick a new setup that has the things you’re currently lacking in your present office space can only mean better things to come. Most companies do benefit from making a move. The things to keep in mind is to make sure that your move goes smoothly after you’ve found that perfect space.


Hiring Business Movers


You don’t want to hire some random movers to move office equipment. Even if you don’t have any really delicate equipment to move, you do have computers and other items that should be handled by professional movers. Look for a full-service moving company that can suit your needs, has experience, is insured, and can promise you a really successful move. If you are moving to Fort Collins or the Denver area, you can count on Exodus Moving and Storage to make sure your move goes well from start to finish.


Do you already have a spot picked out? Ready to make the big move to a better space? Give us a call to see how we can help you out. Our rates are competitive and our movers have taken care of lots of office moves, large and small. Moving to a new business space can be a really great thing, let us help you start it off right with a professional move. Call us today for an estimate or to find out more about our business moving services.