What to Do About Your Marriage License When You Move

A popular question that we hear all the time is what to do about a marriage license when you move. Is the license transferable? Can you get a new license? Do you have to get married all over again? What’s the deal? We’ll break down those questions for you below. number and timestamp

1. Is a license transferable? No; marriage licenses are not transferable from state to state, since marriage laws are different in each state. You will have to obtain a marriage license from your new state if you want to remain legally married in that state.

2. Do you have to get married again? No; you can simply get a new marriage license, and that doesn’t mean that you need to go through the whole ceremony again – but you can if you want to!

3. What if you’re moving to a new state, and you want to get married in that state? If you aren’t married yet, it’s a good idea to start the license process ahead of time. Why? Because some states require a waiting period between applying for a license and actually getting married – find out what this waiting time is, and plan accordingly.

4. What about same sex marriages? Some states do not recognize same sex marriages, so you will have to check with the state that you’re moving to in order to finalize these details.

5. Do you need a special license for the army? If your fiancé will be in the army during your wedding day, you don’t need a special license to marry him or her. Simply use the license that your state gives you, and make sure that you know what state you will be getting married in.

Preparing for Your Move

Planning a wedding and moving at the same time is hectic! But, you can relax knowing that you can easily obtain a marriage license when you move – just check with the state that you’re moving to about the finer details. In most cases, this shouldn’t be too hard to do, but do keep in mind that a waiting period might be enforced. If you are already married and you want to remain legally married when you move (understandable!), you’ll still have to get a new license. There are a lot of things to think about prior to moving, but you can find the answers to most questions here on our blog.

As far as the actual move goes, we can help you there too. As a full-service moving company, we can pack, unpack, and ship your items from any state to Colorado or from Colorado. All you have to do is give us a call to get a free moving estimate, finalize the details, and find out what you need to know – as your Denver moving company, we’re more than happy to help you. If you can’t bring everything with you, we can help you there too. As your Denver moving company, we have large and secure rental spaces in both Denver and Fort Collins, and we’re more than happy to bring anything you need to store directly to your storage space for you.

We want your move to be a happy one, and that includes providing you with enough details about moving to a new state as possible. If you do have any further questions about marriage licenses in any state, contact your state office right away. And, remember, most of the time this process is a smooth one, so you can get married (or stay married) anywhere you want. Got questions for us? Contact your Denver moving company for a free estimate or follow us on Facebook!


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