Making Holiday Moves- Donation

One of the least popular times of year to move is in January. As the middle of December looms, it is clear that the holidays are in full swing. It’s hard to go anywhere in public and not find some indication of the season. Decorations, sale signs and festive music abounds. But during this time of certain purchase and probable stress, an excellent opportunity emerges. This time of year is a fantastic time to realize that your wish list is often more beneficial for you if it can include others. If you are planning a move during this holiday season, perhaps it’s time to clean out your clutter and donate your extras.

Take an Inventory

Look at what you have, especially in storage. Do you need it? Do you use it regularly? Is it replaceable? Asking yourself if the things that you have are necessary is a wonderful thing to do when its time to plan a move. But it’s also a great thing to think about annually. Go through your home and your storage and ask yourself what really matters to you and what you can do without. Remember, every item you donate becomes one less thing you have to worry about on moving day.

Check Your Local Charities

Most communities are full of the spirit of giving during this time of the year. Ask your friends for recommendations of organizations they trust. Do a search online in your area for causes that are close to your heart. Call your local Red Cross or Salvation Army to ask if they need anything specific. This will help you to give a name and a purpose to your potential clean out as well as to be more effective in your giving.

Be Generous

It doesn’t take a genius to realize how fortunate we are, as individuals, as a community, and as a country. And no matter what our situation, no matter who we are or where we come from, we have something to give. Yes, this time can be hectic. The holidays, the pending relocation- it can be easy to be overwhelmed. But it’s important to remember that sometimes the best way to take hold of what really matters is to change your perspective. Take this opportunity to clean out what you don’t need and open your heart to what you have. Being generous in your donations is a wonderful way to celebrate life!