Make Safety A Priority

There’s no doubt about it: moving is stressful. It’s filled with changes, schedule disruptions, mixed emotions and uncertainties, not to mention a whole lot of hard work. Right when you feel like the hard part is over; there are still a few very important things we would urge you to consider, for your safety!

Once you move into your new home, make sure to put fresh new batteries in the smoke detector. More importantly, make sure they are working properly. Once you know your smoke detector is working as it should be, walk around your house and plan the safest exit route, just in case of an emergency. Meanwhile, it’s also important to install a carbon monoxide detector. Unfortunately, every year over 200 American’s die of carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure your new home has one, if n
ot, put one in. You should also have your heating system, including chimney’s and vents inspected and serviced annually. If you have just moved into a new home, your best bet would be to have them checked right then and there, for your own peace of mind. Speaking of peace, make sure all windows have locks that function properly. Examine your outdoor lighting system and make certain arrangements to install low voltage outdoor system, if needed. Also, trim any large shrubs around the entrance of your home; this prevents a burglar from hiding in your shrubbery. Find out if your neighborhood has a neighborhood watch program. If it does, join it! If it doesn’t, start one! Last but not least, consider installing a security system. There really isn’t anything better with having peace of mind and if you do these things, we assure you that is exactly what you’ll have 🙂