Fresh Place Friday: Loveland, Colorado

This Friday’s Fresh Place blog post takes us to lovely Loveland, Colorado.  For those of you not from Colorado, there are indeed two Loveland’s in Colorado.  There is Loveland Pass which is a ski area located in the Rocky Mountains and the city of Loveland.

Loveland (the city) has been made famous for being Colorado’s “Sweetheart City”.  Every Valentine’s Day holds a special treat for recipients of postal mail that pass through Loveland post offices.  Your mail gets the year’s official Valentine’s Day love stamp which is created by a local artist each year.  Another neat part of this holiday is that you can purchase Valentine’s Day messages from the City of Loveland which will be made into banner which will hang on lamp post(s) throughout the city.  You have not experienced how uniquely romantic Valentine’s Day can be until you have experienced the holiday in Loveland, Colorado.

Loveland is a city full of art, including the beautiful Benson Park.  Benson Park is revered as one of the largest outdoor collections of bronze sculptures and is home to a large number of local sculptors.  Loveland also features heart sculptures throughout the city made by local artists.  Take a drive through the city and you will be able to spot the hearts and know that you in Loveland.

Ideally located just below the foothills of the Rocky Mountains (also known as the Front Range) allows for this area to stave some of the weather conditions that typically hit up further into the mountains and out further into the flatter parts of Colorado.  The area almost serves as a cushion for weather passing by at times.  Even on snow days, the sun is almost always out and melts away the snow due to the area’s elevation.

Loveland is often a great retirement town for people looking to settle in a stunning smaller town with amazing views of the Rocky Mountains and all of the conveniences and comforts of a larger city.

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