Live United

The United Way of Larimer County has just been recognized as having one of the 10 best Make A Difference projects nationally. Last fall, United Way set national records for its 6 day long Make A Difference event, claiming the outcome was just another way to show the  the community has to service. Keep your eyes open for the United Way of Larimer County to be featured in the USA Weekend Magazine in the April 18 issue, as they receive a $10,000 donation from Newman’s Own. The levels of excitement not only motivate the organization to set larger goals for the next Make A Difference event in October, but it also recognizes efforts of over 4,400 volunteers for finishing up over 150 projects in one year! News like this just proves that we can accomplish so much if we work together! If you are looking to become more involved in the Larimer County Community, connect with United Way. The organization recruits and trains community professionals to become valuable members of a volunteer program, and assists in matching volunteers with the needs of non-profit local organizations. Their efforts are greatly appreciated and they should be recognized for their outstanding efforts to “Live United”.