Like Me! Know Me! Trust Me! Pay Me!

Just yesterday, our Exodus team was lucky enough to have a conference with Mr. Joel Comm social media expert, also known as Mr. Adsense or the Internet Millionaire. Joel focused his discussion about the perks of using the internet to build relationships with potential customers or create a platform for current customers to engage in conversation. Joel reassured us that the internet is about one thing…Relationships. Twitter specifically, is about people, the sense of community built by people, conversations that are made, information that is shared, questions that are asked and questions that are answered. It’s about being portable with the people that like, know and trust you.With all the scam moving companies trying to take advantage of you, wouldn’t you be more inclined to engage in  business transactions if there was added value to the relationship?

Joel also taught us about the 4 step sales process that can add value to the relationship that both parties can benefit from. For example, your Twitter profile needs to be built on a level of trust and support before profit even becomes a thought in your head. In order to be efficient and effective while building on the relationship that may one day lead to profit, three things must happen first. In this order people need to Like me- Know me- Trust me– and maybe one day- Pay me.

With all of that being said, hopefully these blogs will help you get to know a little bit about Exodus Moving Company so you can like, know, trust and maybe one day do business with us!