Learning to Transition Effectively: Live for Now

When moving out of one city and into another, the experience can be a bittersweet feeling. Leaving old friends, old memories and a familiar life can be unsettling, and downright sad. The other side of the coin is that you are elated—new life, new people, new place—new everything! Some people have the opposite reactions for leaving and staying. They cannot wait to leave, or they are dreading the new experience in the new city. You may be asking, so what? That is moving. Well it doesn’t have to be.

For all of these experiences and feelings you must remember one thing that always matters and is always most important: enjoy right where you are, right now. You cant live tomorrow, you cant live yesterday. Trying to anticipate what is going to happen or trying to resist what is already happening around you will only cause you further frustration.

Some tips on enjoying your current life and not your past or future experiences  are fairly simple. Remember just a couple of things:

  1. Where are you now? Look around everywhere that is within eyeshot for you. Are you in the kitchen or in a coffee shop? What does it smell like? Let the current experience y ou are having flood over you and just enjoy. gyu
  2. Smile. Because this is it! All we ever have is what we are experiencing right now. So even if you are feeling down, the act of smiling can change so much inside.
  3. Surround yourself. With people, places, foods, smells and activities that you love doing. How can you not enjoy right where you are when you are always doing something that makes you happy and positive.

Keeping a positive outlook on moving is crucial. In any transition, feelings that the beginning or the end of something can be monumental for how an experience has yet to unfold, or how you will remember it. Always make it positive, and learn to appreciate where you are.