Keeping It Cool

When deciding to rent additional storage there are many things to consider. How much stuff do you have? How often do you need it? But perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is, “What kinds of things do I need to store?”

All storage is not created equal. Storage facilities differ greatly when it comes to their capacity for storing sensitive items. And while any company can sell you some space to put your things, many cannot sell you the peace of mind that they will remain as you left them. While security is certainly a factor, one of the things often forgotten in considering storage selection is the elements. How does temperature and humidity affect things over time? To properly address this question we suggest climate controlled storage.

Do an Inventory. Consider the items you may have that could be affected by changing temperature and humidity. Most people know that expensive art and antique furniture are sensitive to the elements, but the list goes on. Various types of electronics including computer equipment, cameras, photographs, important documents, furs and clothing, leather goods and instruments can also be ruined by improper storage.

Think Weather. By very definition, climate controlled storage is a managed facility that prevents its internal temperature from going below freezing in the winter and above 90?F in the summer. Generally these spaces maintain a consistent 55-80?F through the use of heating and air-conditioning. If the weather in your geographic location varies greatly between seasons, and you plan to be storing your items for more than just a couple of months, you may want to consider renting a climate controlled space.

Damage Potential. Potential damage to your belongings can take on many forms. Mold and mildew as well as rust can easily occur in storage locations where humidity is not monitored by atmospheric regulation. Warping and cracking are also common in the presence of additional moisture. When it comes to material including leather and textiles of all kinds, temperature changes can greatly compromise color and texture. Climate controlled facilities are constructed above flood lines to prevent water damage and are generally insulted with reinforced materials to avoid insect invasions such as termites and other pests that may wish to devour your precious things.