Just Cant Say Goodbye Before That Move

Moving away can be tough not only on you but on other people. Family, co-workers and especially friends. Both for you and for them, make sure that you are giving them a proper goodbye and are dealing with the situation while you are still there.

Make sure to talk about your emotions with them. They are, after all your friend. Make sure to tell them exactly how you feel and why you feel this way about your move. In some cases people don’t want to move, but it is being asked of them. For whatever the reason is to move, it is always painful in some way. Make sure to validate these feelings.

Depending on the relationship with your current city (thee one before your move) it Is important to not villainize, or to attack what you don’t like about it. Maybe it’s too small, maybe there is crappy weather there, or maybe you just don’t like it at all. Even if all of these reasons are true, its really important to come up with a list of reasons you appreciate your old location. Also, in your last days there, you can look around and see the reason why you love it in action.

When you are leaving family and friends, sometimes it feels like everyone wants a piece of you. Lunch here, coffee there, it can be overwhelming. A quick and super festive way to solve this dilemma is to throw a going away party.  It may feel a little self serving, but just gather the people you love together and mix some margaritas and have one last soiree!

The most important part of moving overall is saying goodbye to the people and to the things that matter most to you. Make time for these people and things so that you can properly move on into your new city with no regrets and without looking back.