Important Places To Know When Moving To Greeley

There are a couple of places in northern Colorado that are very important for you to know if you are going to be moving to Greeley. The city itself is a little bit out of the way, but that makes these places even more important because they keep you in touch with the rest of the state. These places are Fort Collins and Centerra shopping center.


Fort Collins is a hustling and bustling town that is constantly filled with people who are in the know. They provide service for a lot of northern Colorado as far as knowledge goes and allow many cities to benefit from this. Fort Collins itself however has a hustling nightlife, which is something that you could definitely use if you live in Greeley. The drive is not that far and some of the bars that are down there are very chill, such as Elliotts. It’s not just the nightlife though that draws you to Fort Collins, but the jobs as well. Fort Collins is a hub for many major businesses because they realize its potential. That’s why you see companies like Intel, HP, OtterBox, and many more who call this place home. So don’t be a stranger to Fort Collins if you live so close. The city is beautiful and provides a great deal of opportunity for how small it actually is.


The second important place for you to know if you are going to move to Greeley Colorado is Centerra. This shopping center is located off of Interstate 25 and the Loveland exit, which happens to be the Greeley exit as well. This provides you with high quality shopping and a way to stay in touch with current fashions, technology, and many other trends that have become rather prominent in today’s society. Sure, there are many shopping centers in Greeley that provide some of the same materials, but being that Centerra is such  a hub for what is new, you can’t help but not appreciate what it has to offer. This is another place that you should not be a stranger to, especially since a lot of the stores are not that expensive. Sure like a mall there are shops like the sunglasses hut that are crazy expensive, but you can also find businesses like Best Buy in here. Plus, on the other side of a highway there are the outlets which are smaller businesses that still provide a great service. Keep these places in mind and make sure to visit them. Greeley is a little out of the way, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be totally out of the loop.