I’m Out of Here: When Your Roommate Moves Out

There will likely come a time in your life, whether the first few years out on your own, or later on in your adult life, when you’ll be faced with it – your roommate decides to move out. And it doesn’t matter if it is because the two of you just don’t get along, or your very best friend needs to relocate for a new job, it’s still a hard thing to go through.

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What can you do when your roommate starts to look for Denver moving companies? Sometimes, it just means you need to find a new roommate so that you can cover the rent. Other times, it can leave you stuck with expenses you are legally responsible for, ones you simply cannot afford.

Best Case Scenario

In a perfect world, your roommate begins to research Denver moving companies only after meeting obligations detailed in the lease agreement. They wait until the period they agreed to live in the property is over, they give the landlord and you a minimum of 30 days notice before contacting moving companies in Denver, and they make sure all of their bills are paid up before vacating. In some cases, they even find a replacement tenant, making it even easier on you and your landlord! You end up avoiding the dreaded tenant search, and you aren’t stuck covering the bills and living on Ramen noodles until a suitable tenant is found!

To increase your chances of having a scenario like this occurring at move-out, it becomes so important to draw up your own agreement. Think about the things that are important to you: not getting stuck with their residential moving bills, not having to pay their half of the bill, not having to pay for stuff that they break, etc. Writing your own “roommate contract” can help you avoid all these messy situations that can spoil a friendship or acquaintanceship and leave a sour feeling in your gut.

When They Don’t Pay Up

It’s hard to collect money. Whether you’re dealing with a close friend, or someone you’ve grown to despise during your time of cohabitation, it’s not easy to figure out what to do if a roommate doesn’t pay up. It can feel like a slap in the face when they’ve been able to provide money to a moving company in Denver, but can’t cough up the money to pay their portion of all of the bills before moving out. What if after choosing from a variety of Denver moving companies they choose a company that damages the hallway with their couch or bed frame? You shouldn’t be responsible for this.

If you’ve drawn up an agreement with them in advance, and they’ve signed saying they agree to be responsible for these expenses, you can take them to court. The same is true if they breach their lease agreement with the landlord. Yes, you will have to go without the money for a bit of time, but a judge will have no choice but to order they make good on their obligation, as they had agreed to when they first moved in. In the end, you’ll end up getting back what is rightfully yours, along with any costs associated with getting someone new in the apartment and court fees. It’s certainly better than never getting the money back at all!

When They Break The Lease

This can cause problems for everyone within the house. Let’s just say that you’re known to have a party or two, and your landlord has been looking for an excuse to get you out of there. If your roommate breaks the lease and moves early, even if they pay all expenses in advance, they are still violating the lease agreement. At this point, the landlord can choose to evict anyone else remaining in the apartment, even if you wish to stay. This is only something that happens to problem tenants, so if you’ve been a stellar tenant, you likely have nothing to worry about. However, it is an option, so it’s something you should be prepared for.

When It Just Won’t Work

In some cases, you might have to start contacting Denver moving companies yourself. If your roommate leaves and you just can’t seem to make ends meet, or if you just don’t want the hassle of another roommate and wish to downsize, moving out yourself is always an option. But just as spelled out above, you want to make sure you’re following all of the rules.

Don’t break the lease, and make sure you get the apartment in tiptop shape, so that the landlord can begin showing the place to other prospective tenants. The sooner he fills the apartment, the sooner you’ll be able to move, and get your security deposit back!