Why Hiring an Interior Decorator Makes Sense

Sometimes, hiring an interior decorator makes good sense. If you’re toying with the idea of working with an expert, here are some reasons why hiring an interior decorator makes sense.

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1. Increase home appeal: buyers that walk into a professionally decorated home will be awed by all the style. Even if the home won’t stay the way that you make it once it’s sold, the eye always buys.

2. A professional will see all the holes and cracks that you don’t see. Sometimes, simply patching up the small things means making a home look much better all around.

3. Someone to oversee construction. Even though designers aren’t project managers, having a design on staff and helping you create the overall look of your home while another crew is working on an addition or other part of your home is a good idea. Plus, designers with good contractor relationships can help bridge the communication gaps.

4. Avoid making costly mistakes. You might think that carpet in the bathroom makes sense, but a designer will help you avoid those expensive mistakes. How can mistakes be expensive? It will cost you a good amount to remodel a design gone wrong, or to rip up that carpet, but you can save on those costs by doing it right the first time.

5. Designers have great contacts. An interior designer that’s been working in the industry for a while will have good contacts with furniture retailers, contractors, plumbers, and pretty much everyone else that’s involved in the design or redesign of a home – and contacts means discounts on those great things you want for your house.

6. Possibility of increasing the cost of your home. If you are trying to sell your home, a designer could help you raise that selling price. How? Simple things that add a lot of curb or inside home appeal will help. If you don’t have the decorating gene, it’s probably best to hire a designer to put it all together the right way.

7. Experience. Working with someone that’s been decorating and designing for a few years means getting all of that experience, and using those honed skills to make your places as stunning as it should be.

When to Hire a Designer

When should you hire that designer? If you are trying to sell a home, want to decorate a new home, or need to change the look of the home that you are currently living in, it’s time to hire an interior designer. The cost of a designer can range from hundreds to thousands depending on where you live, how much expertise the designer has, and what you want to do, but any designer should be willing to work with your budget. Some designers will even let you work with them room-by-room or piece-by-piece. Remember, there’s no real rush unless you are moving long distance, or need to finish a certain part of your home.

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