Hiring an In-House Mover

If you’re not moving to a new home or even across the street, you may still have a really good reason to hire a moving team. Moving items around your home can be really hard to do – especially if those items are heavy. Have you ever tried moving an old bureau up a set of stairs or moving a ton of office equipment to a different side of the house? It’s not such an easy job! You can also hire professional movers to unload a truck full of new goodies into your home.


Small Cell PhoneHere are some of the ways to find moving companies that can help with that in-home move.


Referrals Are Smart


As with pretty much any other service, finding a great moving team for an in-home move begins with getting as many referrals as you can. Did someone just move in down the street? Ask those people for a referral. Know a family member in the same neighborhood that just booked a move? Check out that professional moving team. No referrals in sight?


Call Your Local Moving Company 


Okay, folks, you have Google. There’s now no good reason not to be able to find a ton of movers in your area. Most moving companies can send out an in-home moving team, so that you can book a move just like any other move. Of course, we can help you out if you are looking to move items in the Fort Collins area.


Hire Based On Experience


If you’re trying to move a bunch of your grandmother’s antique items into another part of your home, don’t hire the first moving company you find. Those movers might be able to do the job okay, but you may want to consider specialized movers for any really delicate or valuable items. Ask all moving companies about experience level. How long have they been working as movers? Have they done any in-home moves? These types of questions are important.


Check Mark GraphicIncluded Equipment


Again, this sub header goes back to whether or not you are moving unique or heavy items. Ask a moving company if they can provide any additional equipment that might be necessary for a move. Cloth pads, for example, may be necessary to prevent any scraping, and pads for the bottoms of furniture are also very important during any kind of in-home move.


When To Call Movers


There’s one really simple reason to call a mover when you have to move heavy items around your home or unload items from a truck: professional movers are insured. This means two things. First, if something breaks or scrapes, that company will cover any damages. Second, moving can be risky and a professional mover may pull his back out, but this is often expected and understood in the moving industry, which is why movers have special health insurance. You, on the other hand, probably can’t afford to miss a lot of work due to a pulled back – am I right?


Here’s another way to look at it: let professionals do the job right. Sure, it might be cheaper to hire your buddies to help you unload a few items (or just pay them in pizza), but cheaper never pans out. In fact, going cheaper can often be more expensive when it comes to damages, repair costs, and medical bills! Yikes! So, you see, it really does pay to hire a professional moving team. But, do you need a moving team to move everything in your home?


How to Know When to Call


If you just want to move a few sheets from one shelf to the next, you don’t need a moving team. If you want to move an entire dining room set into another room, you may want to call an in-home moving team. See the difference? Most people never consider calling movers to handle in-house moves, but that’s often a mistake (for the reasons listed above). Why risk hurting yourself or damaging your home, when movers can get the job done in an hour or two?


Before settling on any moving team, though, make sure to call around for estimates – and don’t go with online estimates only. You’ll want to call movers, ask what’s included, figure out times and schedules, and work with a moving team from start to finish. Then, get your estimate in writing, and make sure you have a copy of the terms you have both agreed on. Don’t scrape your walls, ruin your floors, or bust your back! Call Exodus Moving and Storage to help you out with any move – large, small, or indoors! That’s what we’re here for!