Healthy Pooch Moves: Establish Rules and Direction

Dogs are marvelous creatures. Taking them in, feeding them, watching them grow and eventually bhelpfulHints2ecoming your best friend is something that Americans across the nation agree upon regarding their canine friends. Learning their psychology can be a big task and learning to adjust your pup to a new environment can be an even bigger one.  

People seldom think of the impact that something like a move can have on an animal. Not to mention what kind of environmental shift is their situation going to have. In order to make this move smooth for your pup, it is important to follow a couple of guidelines in your relocation of your canine buddy.

First of all, you need to research the area you are moving to. Ask the questions: is this a dog friendly neighborhood? Is their any new laws that I need to abide by? Is there an area to walk my dog in my neighborhood? Is there any local dog parks near my new home? All these are valid and important questions to explore before the move.  

Secondly, set up the pups feeding and personal areas right away. Your buddy has seen a lot of confusing things happening for the preceding days up to this point, so making a point right off the bat that “this is your new home” is a great way to welcome a dog into your new area.  

An incredibly important step that is often overlooked by dog owners is the first walk—the most important walk. The first walk for a pup in its new life and new location sets the tone for their life and their role in their new home. The first walk goes like this: before you bring your dog inside the house, pop on the leash and collar and take your pooch on a spin around the block to acclimate them to the area. At the end of the walk have your dog sit outside the door and wait until you invite them in. This establishes who is in charge of the house, as dogs are territorial and in the absence of an alpha, will become it. This walk is the most important step for introducing your dog into their new life because of its symbolic and lasting nature.  

Once you have your pooch inside, make sure that you have them in a designated area before you unpack everything. This again is a statement of what is theirs and what is yours. If you are the type of owner that would rather allow their dog everywhere, then for the first day of unpacking, keep your dog attached to their leash and also attached to you. Have them follow you around the house so you can keep an eye on them. With tons of boxes and things floating around its important to protect your stuff from being chewed up.  

Keeping dogs in line with what you want as an owner will allow your dog to feel satisfied, as they are out to please you. Keeping full pup communication will prove to keep your home happy, positive and safe for you and your family.