Have Yourself… a Merry Little Moving Sale

Getting rid of all of your things that you don’t need is so liberating. Toss the old shoes, the once used blender and your old Laura Ingalls Wilder book collection in your for sale box and get a move on. Not only can a moving/garage sale be a ton of fun, but can also put some extra cash in your pocket.  To make sure that your big day is fun and profitable, you need to stay organized.

When choosing a date, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time in advance to plan and for other people to plan as well. You want to give yourself and prospective buyers plenty of notice. Also, choose a beginning and closing time for your sale.

When it comes to where you hold your event its good to keep it close to home. A driveway, basement, parking lot or a friends house are all good options. If you are in an apartment also check out friends houses to see if they will lend you some space to have your sale.

Advertising for your big event can range from the newspaper, craigslist, signs, or just word of mouth. Make sure that if you are paying for a classified ad or signs pointing the way, that you don’t incur a larger cost that will put you in the hole even after the sale. Otherwise, the sale really isn’t worth it!
Next its time to mark all of your items with prices. Organize all of your like items together. For instance, put all of the clothes together, the gardening tools, etc. Also, have a stack of newspapers ready to wrap up fragile things for buyers along with plastic bags and boxes for people to leave with. Lastly get your cashier area ready with scissors, tape and a calculator.

Now you are ready! Chat your customers up and be available for questions. Now, watch the money roll in.