Handle With Care. How To Get Your Pet There.

So you have decided to make the decision to move abroad. It’s easy to focus on how to prepare ourselves for the big travel day but we cannot forget about our four legged friends and their safety when traveling. We have provided a few pointers that we feel you can benefit from when it comes to mpet_travel_dog3oving internationally with your pet.

First things first, we suggest that you contact the local consulate of the destination country; you need to know the pet requirements regarding quarantine and other strict standards. Remember, pets also need documentation for travel but don’t forget that each country abides by different regulations so make sure you do some research!

Find an airline that will work for you. Being comfortable and confident of your pet’s well being when traveling internationally is important for any pet owner; so we suggest you communicate with a few different airline companies to find one that will work best for you and help you feel at ease with your pet’s safety.

It may or may not be time for a checkup but it’s important to visit the vet before your day of departure. This will help you get clarity regarding any questions and concerns for your pet’s health.

Limit your pet’s food intake before the day of travel but allow regular water access because dehydration can be very dangerous to your pet’s health.  It is also important to allow your pet any physical activity before the day of travel.

Even though your pet may be out of your sight when you are traveling, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for the airline to care for your pet. To ensure the best care for your pet, double check that the crate in which your pet will travel in, is large enough for them to lay down comfortably and to turn around and stand freely.  Mark the crate with a sign that reads “Live Animal- This Side Up” including your name, address and telephone number. Provide two bowls and enough food for your pet, in case of any delays or emergencies.