A Guide To Choosing The Right Paint Color

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Whether you’ve just purchased your first house, or were thinking of redecorating your current residence, there is one common problem – which color to choose. And for good reason! Color is important, but not for the reasons you’re thinking.

Have you ever noticed that certain colors turn you off entirely? That is because seeing certain colors has a psychological effect on us. People who work to market new products and design the packaging already know this. We’re more likely to purchase the product with an aesthetically pleasing package design, and color plays a very large role in that. It’s the same in your home – you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your living room!

Here are some great tips from Exodus Moving and Storage to help you choose the perfect color for one, or all, of your rooms.

  1. Look into color psychology. In keeping with the psychological effect of color on our mood, spend some time researching to determine which colors would be best for the room you are painting. There are certain colors that relax us – perfect for bedrooms or reading areas. Some colors lend themselves to gathering places like dining rooms, getting people in the mood to socialize. The children’s playroom can be just as vibrant and playful as the kids themselves, while their bedrooms should probably be more conducive to sleep. If you opt for those bright, fun colors for their bedroom, you might find they just don’t get as much sleep as they should.
  2. Baby steps. Rather than starting your transformation in a large room, choose to overhaul a small room, such as your bathroom or a walk-in closet, first. You’ll get used to applying paint properly without leaving drips or paintbrush lines before you tackle the big walls.
  3. Be inspired by your surroundings. Sometimes, it’s as easy as taking a look around. If you want to paint your living room but aren’t sure which color to go with, look at the décor in the room around you. Maybe blue is the focal color in the room, but there have to be complementary colors in there somewhere, whether in one of your pictures on the wall, the accent rug on the floor, or even a prized knick knack. Paint your walls one of these accent colors for an instant room makeover, or choose a lighter tone of blue if you just can’t decide. The décor of a room is an excellent starting point for choosing your paint color.
  4. It’s all about the lighting. The room isn’t always going to be lit by natural sunlight. For this reason, most paint stores will provide light boxes in order to see paint colors in different lighting conditions. This is important, as the different types of lighting will affect what the color looks like on the wall. If you have fluorescent lighting, a blue tone will be cast, while incandescent lighting provides warm and yellowish tones. This is especially helpful if you plan to choose accent colors – that bright color might not look great right next to the window, but it might be just the color for your accent wall that receives indirect light. 
  5. Give it a test run. Most paint stores will offer you a sample so that you can give it a try before you commit to a multitude of paint cans. In this way, you can try out those bold colors to see just what they’ll look like inside your space.
  6. Know the lingo. You might hear some words describing paint colors that you aren’t sure about. Before you head to store and get all confused by them, let’s discuss what they mean. Hue simply means color. So a red hue is any paint that looks red in color. When you’re talking about how light or dark that hue is, you’re talking about the value. When you hear the term ‘saturation,’ it is describing just how strong the hue is in that color – light blue is less saturated with the blue hue than a darker blue. Similarly, the intensity of the color is how brilliant it is. The more intense the color, the more dominant the hue is.
  7. Look to the color wheel. It’s more than just a tool for artists. The color wheel can help you discover color combinations you never would have considered before, as well as demonstrate color temperature. For example, colors that are opposite each other on the wheel demonstrate the most intensity when they are used together.
  8. Consider texture. If you’re looking for that extra boost of interest, look to different finishes to add a level of depth not possible with just a simple can of paint. Some options include finishes and glazes that feature copper, bronze, mica, and even silver and gold.
  9. Keep it flowing. Another consideration is how the room looks from another room. Be sure that the color you choose isn’t going to look garish when viewed from an adjacent room of another color. Although they don’t have to match, it should all work together nicely.
  10. Change up the finish. There are numerous finishes you can choose ranging from matte to glossy that can add interest if you mix it up. This is great for those rooms that don’t have a ton of wall space because of many windows and doorways.
  11. Using architectural elements to your advantage. For example, if your home features wainscot, a dark wainscot below a bright wall will focus the eye on the upper walls, while a bright wainscot on a colored wall will direct attention to the wainscot.
  12. Don’t forget the ceiling. Who says the ceiling has to be white? A lighter color will achieve the same effect of making the room feel more airy. As long as the color you choose complements the wall color, anything goes! In fact, if you choose the lighter shade of the hue of your walls, it will make the room appear bigger. To enhance the intimacy of a room, consider giving the effect the ceiling is lower by choosing a darker color.

While Exodus Moving and Storage can’t help you decide on a paint color or provide help painting your walls, we can help to make sure those freshly painted walls aren’t scuffed up or damaged while your belongings are being moved in – ask us for a moving estimate. We are experts, and pride ourselves on caring for not only your things, but your new home as well. Contact Exodus Moving and Storage today for a moving estimate.