Great Times Ahead When Moving To Fort Collins, CO

If you are going to be moving to Fort Collins Colorado anytime in the near future, I would like to be the first to say congratulations! You have made a great decision. Fort Collins is a beautiful town on the north end of Colorado that hovers near the border of Wyoming. This town is known for its good times, its great weather, and of course its beer. You’ll need much more information than that to know why these are true. Let’s discuss, shall we?


Good Times To Be Had Outside


Fort Collins is a beautiful town that has amazing weather, and as such allows for so many outdoor activities you wouldn’t believe it. Around here, you will find that the majority of people have nicer bicycles on top of their cars then the car itself. This is because the majority of us understand that when the weather is nice we like to be out riding our bicycles where ever we would like. This is really one of the biggest reasons that Colorado in general is considered one of the healthiest states in the United States. There is just so much to do here that you really can’t sit down without feeling like you are missing out on doing something much more productive.


This is especially true if you are someone who moves here in the summer. Oh my goodness, the summer in Fort Collins is the most beautiful you will ever see. The planes of Colorado by themselves are not necessarily the prettiest location, however Fort Collins is filled with so much vibrant flora that you will be hard-pressed to realize you are sitting anywhere near a plain. The mountains provide a constant direction of West, and the ability to go up and ride your bicycles around up there. Nothing is quite as pretty as a Fort Collins summer, especially since the majority of the college students are gone, and the town quiets down and becomes much more about the people who live there nonstop.


Sunny With A Chance Of Happiness


All of this fun would not be possible without Colorado’s great weather. We boast one of the most sunny states in the United States. There are less than 60 days a year of clouds, and possibly even less. The sun is always out and shining. The sun for us means much more than simply a big ball of heat, it provides us with the light we need to be as adventurous as Coloradans truly are. Our weather is really what makes Colorado so great because everything else really relies on it.


This is even true in the winter. We do have pretty calm winters to be honest, but our mountains allow us to receive a huge amount of snow. The majority of the runs may not be open, but the for those hard-core who absolutely cannot live without the ability to snowboard, at about the earliest you can do it. Snowboarding is a great perk to living here, because once you’re finished you can simply drive back down to Denver and your inner city again where you would never know that not that two hours ago you were on top of 8 inches of snow sliding down a massive hill.


The Microbrew Capital of The U.S.A


Finally, another great reason that you have decided to move to Fort Collins is for the beer. Fort Collins boasts one of the most extravagant scenes for microbreweries that you have ever seen. In fact, Colorado State University, which is located in Fort Collins, has recently added a degree in micro brewing. Yes, you heard that correctly. A college is now endorsing the ability to create microbrews. Who wouldn’t want to learn about how to make beer. Especially beer that is good and flavorful, and not necessarily the stuff that you were drinking in college. True flavorful beer is something to be enjoyed and is actually quite rare within the United States. So when you come here, don’t be afraid to go on all of the tours. I’m sure you will find plenty to love.


So, once again congratulations upon making the decision to move to Fort Collins. You’ve made a great decision and I can promise that in the future you will never want to leave. This town is lovely and has plenty of charm.