Fresh Place Friday: Grand Junction

This Fresh Place Friday’s blog post takes us to Grand Junction, Colorado.  Although Grand Junction is most famously known for peach growing, the area produces many other fruits and veggies including grapes.  Grand Junction has expanded its wine production since the 1960’s and now is eloquently referred to as Colorado’s wine country.  The Grand Valley region is an ideal region to produce some of the best Colorado mountain wines.  Many Coloradoans travel to Grand Junction each summer for its fresh peaches and while they are in town, stop by one or more of the many vineyards for a glass (or two) of wine just before harvest.

If you are not a wino and have no interest in all of the fruits and veggies the area is known for, the great outdoors is a spectacular reminder of how beautifully colorful the state of Colorado is.  From biking, hiking, golfing, climbing on the thousands of area rock formations and a variety of water sports on the area’s rivers – outdoor enthusiasts love Grand Junction. 

Moving to Grand Junction means you may frequent the Colorado National Monument – a much smaller, but equally beautiful grand canyonesque place where you can soak in the area’s natural beauty and outdoor enthusiasts can dive right in to the many activities that abound.

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