GPS: Your New Best Friend in Times of a Move, or in Life…

Many of you know Garmin. Sleek, handsome, colorful, full of ideas and directions. Always knows when to say the right thing. But more than anything, he will never lead you astray (although you need to have him on the right settings for this not to happen 😀 )

Garmin’s Global Positioning System or GPS, is on of the most amazing devices that a commuter, driver, lost being, etc. could ask for! With maps that cover the nation from coast to coast having a GPS is not only the best and easiest way to drive across the country to your new home, but also can put you at ease that you are getting there the fastest, safest, toll-road free, and concise way to your destination.

One thing when using your new best friend is to assure that you set up your settings to your liking. Garmin is happy to take you on toll roads if you don’t tell him not to. Also, he will take you on the shortest distance, but not necessarily the shortest overall time—again if you don’t ask him to. After you have your setting, choose your character (shoes, cars, beach balls and birds are among the many) and lastly your map view. You are able to see a simulated version of the road and upcoming directions or are able to look at the map from a birds-eye perspective.

Once you have selected destinations in Garmin check out the destination time. Not sure how he does it, but the amazing ability to guess the exact minute of your arrival is about 90% of the time correct. Amazing, right? Its science….and style…..its Garmin.

Now you are on the road! Plug in your new “home” destination on Garmin and sit back, relax (still drive alert, though…) and feel confident that Garmin will not only get you there in almost the exact time that he said he would…but in style.