Girl on the Go? Pack Like a Pro!

If you’re looking for a long distance moving company right now, chances are that you’re planning a move pretty far away from where you live now. Part of the moving process is traveling, and that means packing your carry on bag with all the right stuff (and, let’s face it, you’ll probably want to look pretty irresistible when you get to your destination!). Airplane air can be harsh, though, which means that arriving looking put together might seem impossible – but with these packing tips, you’ll look refreshed and adorable!

  • Eye drops: have you ever glanced at your eyes mid-flight or after a really long flight? Have you noticed the redness and itchy feeling that comes with eyes after a flight? Bring some eye drops along with you, so that you can refresh your eyes when you arrive.
  • Dry shampoo: you may not have time between unpacking and making new friends to really take a proper shower when you arrive, so pack some dry shampoo in your carry on. You can also use this product to make your hair look shinier when you do arrive at your destination (just grab the cabin bathroom before everyone else, or book a seat in the back near the bathroom!).
  • Try rolling the clothes that you stuff into your carry on bag instead of folding them. You can typically fit more things into a bag if you roll your stuff.
  • Have a beauty kit ready to go. If you head to a store like Sephora, you can find travel sizes of all your favorite things, and packing these into a carry on is a great way to make sure that your makeup arrives even if your other bags don’t.
  • As much as possible, try not to overpack. You can always buy things when you arrive, but overpacking just means more stuff to carry around. Pack only the essentials, and try to figure which outfits you are going to wear right away (or for a week or so), and pack those things that can do double duty (can you wrap your scarf around your waist to double as a skirt?).
  • Let’s talk shoes. The long distance moving company that you have hired might not deliver your boxes by the time that you arrive, or you may find yourself without your shoe wardrobe until you have the time to unpack properly. So, bring the following in your carry on: running shoes, a nice pair flats that are comfortable, and a pair of heels in case you have to go out.
  • Add a small accessory to the mix. Sometimes, you can really dress up an outfit with a simple scarf or other detail. So, throw one of those in your bag just in case.
  • Have your in-flight essential handy. There are things that you are going to need during the flight like earbuds or headphones, a pen, a toothbrush, an eye mask, and maybe a head pillow if you are heading for a long flight. Instead of digging in your bag for these things, pack them in a small bag that’s easily accessible.

Moving to Fort Collins

If you’re moving to Fort Collins from a long way away, make sure to pack a carry on bag with all of the stuff listed above. You never know if your other bags will make it to your destination on time. When you start packing like a pro, you’ll have everything that you need within reach, and that will make for a much simpler flight.

Call Exodus if you are moving to Fort Collins, and we will help you pack and we will also get your stuff to your new home on time. Or, find us on Facebook if you have any additional questions.