Fun Family Moving Tips

Having fun while moving may seem like an oxymoron, but it can happen if you choose to have the right attitude.  If you have kids, this is where it can be the most fun (and helpful as long as you do not let them in on the fact that they are working).  Make moving a game and see who can complete the most tasks in order to win a prize that the entire family agrees on.  Some ideas are as follows:

1) Throw a “Going Away” party.  Parties are always fun for kids.  Children like celebrating and associate celebrating with good things and things that are fun.  It is much easier to move when everyone is having fun and has a good attitude.  Throwing a party will help get everyone on the same page.

2) Involve everyone.  Kids have feelings about moving, but may not share them if they are not treated like an adult in the sense of asking them what they think of the new place they will be moving.  This will give you the opportunity to go over all of the positives so they will be thinking in advance of all the good things they have to look forward to.

3) Have a pack rat race.  See how many boxes everyone can put together of things they no longer want within a certain amount of time.  Kids will get bored if it is a really long task.  Then, count the number of boxes and see who ended up downsizing the most.  Note, be prepared to go through your kid’s items to make sure they are not throwing something important into a box that will either go into the trash or donate.  It is also important that the prize for whoever downsizes the most is agreed upon by the entire family.  And…the prize should be something that can be shared with the family.  For instance, a pizza party in honor of the winner or a new piece of furniture at the new house that will go in shared room like a game room.

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