Fort Collins Best Time to Move

It is official, Fort Collins moving season is over! All of the people who are going to school here have moved in, and the streets are quieting down. Yes, there are still people moving up to Fort Collins because the town is quite busy. However, the big rush to get up to this glorious town has subsided for now and will be this way until the beginning of the year. Sure, this isn’t all that great for the Fort Collins moving companies, but like I said, people are still moving.


You might be thinking to yourself at this point, well how would I go about finding the best time to move to the Fort? Well I’m glad you asked, or didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway! Think about what kind of town this is. Fort Collins is a college town, which means that at certain points in the year, mainly when school starts and ends, the town turns into a madhouse! All you have to do in order to remember when it’s a good time to move is think about if people are going to be returning to school in the next 3 weeks or so. If the answer is no, then hey look it’s a great time! If your answer is yes, then you may want to consider stalling out your move if possible.


At this point I should probably clarify something. I’m not saying that there’s a “bad” time to move to this town. It’s large enough and has enough roads to alleviate that issue. What I am saying is if you can avoid moving during the student moving times, you probably should. Unless you are a student of course. Then you have no choice. You will be forced to move with the rest of the students in  order to be at school that first day.


Fort Collins is a wonderful town that is highly thought up by more than the people who live up here. However, you should still be smart about when you do your move. You could save yourself a lot of problems by simply waiting.