Fort Collins Associations

At Exodus we feel that community partnerships are an invaluable aspect of what we do. We work hard to stay abreast of what’s happening in our neighborhood, city and township. Simply put, our number one priority is people. Everything we do is about our customers. For this reason and others, we have enjoyed many years of service in Colorado and beyond. We have said it before, our company functions like a family. With our main offices located in Denver and Fort Collins, it makes sense that we would seek out interesting organizations within these communities to build cooperation with. We take pride in contributing positively to our community and we are proud to support others who do the same. This week we would like to highlight two such organizations that are doing their part to improve life in Fort Collins.

Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce

While every Chamber of Commerce is different, in general they each have one main purpose: to increase the quality and scope of business relationships within a community. The Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce is no exception. With a membership of over 1200 companies, this organization highlights community activities and events, new businesses, government initiatives and issues as well as showcasing information about the city. But perhaps the most interesting thing about this Chamber is the city itself that it represents. Using the slogan, “Where renewal is a way of life,” Fort Collins offers a host of activities for both recreation and business. A city with a rich history, it is currently known for being a great place to raise children. Many people move there temporarily and end up staying as a result of the kind of comfort and feeling of “home” that they find. With a high value in the community being put on outdoor recreation, it’s a fantastic place to start a business and the Chamber is a wonderful resource and support.


One of the core ideas for creating a sustainable situation on our planet comes out of the concept of self supporting communities. If each community is able to generate resources for their own needs and therefore decrease dependence on outside sources, concepts like excess transportation emissions can be minimized. Be Local Northern Colordao is based in Fort Collins and exists under that very premise. “Together We Thrive,” is their guiding byline and serves as a guide for their central idea- to support independent business and community based endeavors. Focusing on business promotion, consumer education and community advocacy since 2006, at Exodus, we are proud to count Be Local as one of our partners.