Finding a Job In Your New Town

Relocating to a new town can be a lot of fun! You have a new home to decorate, new friends that you haven’t met yet, and a whole new life just waiting to be explored. There’s just one thing that you’ll need when moving to a new town: a job! Looking for a job in your new area doesn’t have to be a struggle! We have some amazing tips for you on how to relocate and find that perfect job.


man moving boxes with a dolly1. Narrow it down. Take a tip from popular Google searches, and try to narrow down your job search. Instead of using a major job website, try to find some local job search boards. You’ll have a much better chance of finding work in your town if you go local. You can also try using the ‘+’ key when conducting a Google search to really keep things narrowed down.


Example: Fort Collins + Name of Desired Position Here + Job Openings.


2. Start to branch out. It can be hard to network when you first move to a new town, but this becomes easier if you use social networks like LinkedIn. Try to find groups in your area that you can connect with through these networks. You’ll soon find lots of opportunites for brunches and meetups. Once there, start asking about work in your field.


3. Hand out cards. Work from home? Have your own business? If you want some local work, try haning out your business cards wherever you go. You never know if the girl at the coffee shop is in need of web designer for her new business!


4. Post to local job boards – the physical sort. You know those bulletin boards you see at grocery stores and other places? Consider posting a few business cards to those areas in your town (ask first).


Here’s an even better tip: think about where your target client may like to shop, and post your business card on a bulletin board in that store. Example: if you are targeting health-minded people, look for a bulletin board at your local vegan restaurant or healthfood store.


attention graphic5. Try Craigs List. This job site has gotten a bad reputation recently, and there are some scams to watch out for, but Craigs List can also be a goldmine of great job postings. It’s worth a shot, right?


Upkeep Is Important!


Looking for new work can be tiresome, but the best lesson I can give you is this: search for new work every single day. It never hurts to spend some time looking at job boards and sending out resumes. Even if you are tired at the end of the day, shoot off an email or two – it can’t hurt!


Keep Your Resume Current


If you’ve spent the last five years at the same job, I’m guessing your resume still looks like it did when you last searched for a job. Don’t send out an incomplete resume. Instead, update it the best that you can, or look for a professional resume writer to help you out.


Search In Advance


If your move is still a few weeks away, start looking for a new job now. It can take a few weeks to get any kind of a response from some people, so it’s a wise idea to start as early as possible.


Get Your Moving Day Ready First!


Here’s a bad situation: you have to search for jobs because you are moving in three days, but you haven’t booked your Fort Collins moving company yet. Yikes! Is there anything more stressful than packing, booking a moving company, not knowing when you are actually going to move (day and time), and having to looking for a job? Make your life a lot simpler by calling us for your move today. Even if you are under a time-crunch, we can help you pack, move, unpack, and make those reassuring arrangements. We want to make sure that your move goes smoothly, so you can save time for other things like sending out job applications, sipping some local java, or connecting with that new friend you haven’t met yet (but you will!).


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