How to Find a Summer Rental Home

Summertime is here! Well, almost! That means that some of you will be looking for a great summer rental. There’s nothing like ditching all the stress of the long winter, kicking up your feet, and enjoying those lazy days of summer by staying in a cozy rental home. How can you find the best summer rental? Take a look at these helpful tips.

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1. If you’re heading to a really popular summer spot, waiting until the very last minute could benefit you price-wise. Resort towns are filled with homeowners looking to rent out a summerhouse, but there are often more rentals than people looking to rent. That means that the supply outweighs the demand, and homeowners will be desperately searching for renters at the last minute.

2. Figure out what you need. Do you have a large family? Do you need more than three bedrooms? Do you require more than four bathrooms? Are you bringing your pets with you? All of these things should be considered when it comes to renting out that summer home. Look for a place that allows pets, has plenty of beds, and comes with the things you don’t want to bring (like blankets and other supplies).

3. Pay attention to rental policies including transaction information. How will you pay? How will transactions be handled? Is the property you’re looking at managed in any way? Many of these things will ultimately determine which properties you rent, and which ones you’ll want to stay far away from. Whatever you do, though, don’t skip reading over the fine print.

4. Additional fees. Some rental properties require an additional fee or two for various things. For example, a rental property contract may stipulate that you have to pay extra for any additional guests. If you plan to let your kids bring a friend or two, do be sure and find out if you will have to fork over any additional cash.

5. Location. If the house you’re renting near a grocery store? How far is it from the airport or ferry? Can you park your car easily near the home, or do you have to pay for parking somewhere in town? Keep these things in mind while you search for a rental home.

6. What is included? It can be a big shock when you arrive at a rental home only to discover that nothing is included! You may have to bring everything with you, and very few rental properties include any kind of food. Plan to go grocery shopping when you arrive, or arrange for your hosts to pick up some items for you if you plan to arrive late at night.

7. Toys. If you are renting near a body of water, do you have access to any water toys like boats, canoes, kayaks, or other items? What about lake or ocean access? Is the house directly connected to a beach or do you have to walk across the street or take a car to reach the water?

8. Emergency facilities. Is the house equipped with a basic emergency aide kit? How far is the nearest hospital? While it’s great to really escape into the wilderness, you don’t want to be so far away that help can’t be found when you need it. If there’s no first aid box in the home, make sure to bring enough supplies for everyone you are traveling with.

What to Bring

You don’t have to pack up your entire home to move to a summerhouse. However, you may need to bring quite a few items with you if you are traveling with a large family. If you aren’t renting but are moving into a home that you own for the summer, the same moving rules apply. Be sure to bring everything that you need for a long and fun summer. If you do have to bring lots of boxes or are moving quite a long distance, Exodus Moving and Storage can help. We are a full-service moving company, and that means that we can help you pack, move, and unpack. Your summertime fun will be a lot simpler if you hire movers to help you get to your destination!

Check out summerhouse rentals in Colorado, and give us a call with any moving questions or needs. The summertime is right around the corner, and you’ll love every minute of a carefully chosen summer home rental.