Family Moving- A Checklist for Relocating Seniors (Part 2)

CB044123At Exodus we consider family a top priority. We believe it is the core institution around which everything important in our society spins. Without taking care of the family, everything else in life can easily fall apart. For this reason in our offices we are committed to our employees, encouraging them to take time off when they need to and to bring their kids in to meet the other staff. We encourage togetherness and are determined to facilitate the kind of happiness and personal fulfillment in the workplace that can contribute to a high quality of life.

With our clients we have a similar philosophy. Because we run our office like a family we also run our business like a family. As their moving company, we realize that we are being trusted with not only people’s possessions but also with their memories. Never loosing site of this responsibility, we strive to treat our customers with this in mind. This empathetic consideration goes double when it comes to moving seniors. Knowing how hard this transition can be for them and in an effort to ease the transition, we offer the following tips.

Ask for their Input

Often one of the hardest things for seniors to deal with is their lack of ability to make independent decisions about when and where they will move. Be sure to keep them involved in the process as much as possible. Ask them about their opinions regularly and make sure that they are familiar with the new space that they will be moving to.

Keep it Familiar

Adjusting to a new surrounding can be challenging at any age. Now, consider having lived in the same home for 40+ years and having to leave it. This is inevitably a highly emotionally charged event for any older person and should be managed with care and consideration for their circumstance. Whenever possible, you should take photographs of their home to get an idea of what they had and where their possessions were before the move. After comparing the areas in various rooms with the new space that they will inhabit, attempt to create a world that is similar to the one they were living in before. This will encourage a feeling of safety and well being for seniors who are in such a difficult transition.

Enlist Professionals

Sometimes, while it’s good to be surrounded by actual family during a big change, when it comes to moving, it is a good thing to have professional help on your side. An older person might be more argumentative, for instance, about how best to go about moving something with someone they consider to be an equal or (even harder) a subordinate, such as a child. By hiring a caring professional mover to aid in relocating your senior, the process can become less subjective and an ultimately smoother experience for everyone involved.