Exodus is Proud to be a “Choose People” Company

In 2007 Kris Boesch began to dream up a way to highlight companies who take good care of their employees. As a long time mover and shaker in the business world, she had come to excel at the fine art of employee retention, fearlessly leading by example as the CEO of our company. With an innate understanding of what it took to keep those whom she employed happy and a desire to showcase other companies that also made their people their number one priority, she set forth to create the organization Choose People.

What is Choose People

From the beginning, Kris understood that the ultimate success of a company was the result of a very simple system of giving. With so much competition in the marketplace, consumers favor companies that take good care of them- providing superior products and superior customer service. It seemed logical that superior customer service comes from employees that have a positive outlook on where they work and ultimately on their lives in general. So the key to happy customers is happy employees. Positive Work Environment= Happy Employees, Happy Employees= Well Serviced Customers, Well Serviced Customers= a Successful Company.

A national certification to recognize businesses that treat their employees well, Choose People measures how happy employees are in their workplace based on researched criteria. Identifying factors like how safe employees feel and how much feedback they get about their work ultimately gives a view on how likely they are to remain with the company. This qualitative designation serves as a symbol for what is most unique and important within an organization, its human capital.

Choose People Criteria

After over 1000 hours of professional research including the creation of a test referred to as an EOP survey ( Employee Organizational Perceptions) administered to 1000 employees in 18 different organizations, enough information was collected to create a system by which Choose People evaluates companies for potential certification. The final EOP survey includes 8 subscales and 52 items which allows Choose People to procure a candid window into a company’s employee’s everyday experiences, attitudes and ultimate perspective about their working lives.