Don’t Let the Groove Stop

When you are moving there can be an absence of the comforts in your life when you are settled. The smell of home, furniture, television, favorite foods and of course your MUSIC. For some of us we have an iPod that is kept close to us at all times, being treated more like a child than is mentally healthy. For those of you without a .mp3 player on you to enjoy at all times, check out Pandora.

What is Pandora, I hear you asking?  Pandora is a new form of personalized internet radio that was designed to help you discover new music you’ll love, and enjoy music you already know. It is powered by the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken, the Music Genome Project: a crazy project started over ten years ago to capture the complex musical DNA of songs using a large team of highly-trained musicians.

You may be thinking that there must be a catch here. How could this be true, free? Well believe it. The only catch is that you are not able to listen to songs on demand. Meaning you choose a station of your favorite artist and the playlist from thereon will be determined by your digital maestro. But don’t fret. if you don’t like the song that you are listening to, simply give it a thumbs down to let the program know that you do or do not like a specific song.

For instance, if you like Joni Mitchell, create a station with her name. Then, say Carly Simon comes on, and you really don’t have a taste for her voice. Simply click the thumbs down button and watch as your selection changes. Its simple.

However, free Pandora accounts will only play 40 hours of music for free per month, then the music will stop. Once you reach that 40-hour limit and the music stops, you will have the option to pay 99 cents for unlimited listening hours for the rest of that calendar month, but this is entirely your choice. You can choose to pay nothing and to come back on the first day of the next calendar month for another free 40 hours.

Pandora is streaming radio that is available online and in many cases on most smart phones, computers (with online access) and supported home theater equipment. If you are interested in checking whether you have Pandora available for your free download, go to to make sure that you have the application before the big move. Once you have it in place, plug in your headphones and get groovin!