Don’t Let It Suck the Life Out of You: What to do with a Vacuum Cleaner

When your moving and going through your old ‘junk’ you want to look for ways to reduce, reuse or recycle. Carrying over that green mentality while getting rid of things that don’t work, or things you don’t want to hold on to during your move, trashing your vacuum is the last thing you’ll want to do. To help you, we came up with a few green alternatives of ways to rid yourself from your vacuum cleaner, which may be good for you, good for someone else, or good for the environment.

  1. Sell it. If your vacuum cleaner still works and is in decent shape, put an ad on Craigslist. Even if it needs a little repair, you may find someone who is interested in buying it from you or you may even find a vacuum sale and repair shop that would love to take it off your hands.
  2. Donate it. This is probably the best and most common option people go with when moving. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the move itself and don’t have a lot of time to devote to figuring out what to do with it, drop it off at Goodwill or Arc. Also, remember that there is usually a tax benefit for donated items, so make sure to check the tax code for details.
  3. Kick it to the Curb. If your vacuum cleaner still works and is in good shape, you can try leaving it curbside with a sign indicating that it is free and that it does indeed work.  The best time to do this is on the weekend and is mostly successful only in urban areas. If it doesn’t get picked up within a few days, make sure to find another way to dispose of it so its presence doesn’t irritate your neighbors.
  4. Recycle it! In most areas you can find a local recycle station who will gladly accept your vacuum. Most likely, if you call your waste removal service they will be able to help you out. They may even provide free pick up for your recyclable items and appliances and will gladly take your vacuum cleaner off your hands.