Denver Is For Cyclists

Denver has a lot to offer nature lovers. Hiking trails for miles and miles, rivers, lakes, and plenty of fresh mountain air are just some of the reasons why Denver attracts so many nature enthusiasts. Another reason to love Denver comes in the form of bicycle lanes. Not just any bicycle lanes, though. The lanes in some parts of Denver have been painted bright colors to keep motorists at bay while keeping cyclists safer.


CC Image courtesy of dagpeak on Flickr

The Bright Bike Lanes of Denver


One bike lane along Denver 15th street has been painted bright green and red. It’s all part of a movment called the ‘15th Street Bikeway Plan.’ The concept is to remind motorists to move over to the left, so that cyclists can safely ride in the path dedicated to bicycles.


The city of Denver is conscious about bicycle paths and how those paths work with motorist lanes. Sometimes, it’s not easy to see bicycle paths. This is the problem that the city is hoping to fix. Other cities across the world have colored bicycle paths too, but Denver is a frontrunner when it comes to making plenty of (colorful) room for cyclists in the downtown area. It’s just another way that Denver welcomes those with a love for exercise and the outdoors!


Other Outdoor Activities


There’s plenty to do in Denver all year long. Even during the winter months, this city gets so much sun it’s hard to remember that it’s cold outside! Denver is home to lots of great ski and snowboard trails, plenty of bicycle paths that are outside of the city center, and tons of great places to explore. Nature is part of the reason why so many people are moving to Denver, and one of the reasons why Denver is a top destination for many seeking a slice of nature.


Getting Settled in Denver


As soon as you arrive in Denver, you’ll notice that something is different. It’s not so much the blue skies and green grass as it is the general attitude of people that live in Denver. Colorado just moves at a slower pace, and that means more time to enjoy life. If you’ve coming to Denver from a city that’s much faster paced, you’ll really appreciate what this city has to offer.


Bicycle lanes that are brightly colored is just the tip of the iceberg. Denver – all around – makes room for everyone. No matter what your favorite outdoor activity might be, Denver is the one place where you can enjoy it thoroughly. We love Denver, can you tell? We’d also love to help you store your items in Denver.


Denver Storage Options


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