Denver: The Best Place for New Business

Planning to move to Denver this year? You’ve made a great choice! Not only is Denver a wonderful city to live in, but it also happens to be one of the best places to open a business. Don’t believe me? Check out this Forbes article! Forbes lists Denver as the sixth best place in the U.S. for a really great career or new business. Here’s why!


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It’s All Up In Space


Denver has a really big aerospace sector, which means that you’ll be right at home if you work in this industry. In addition to aerospace business, Denver is huge when it comes to technology and telecommunications. The unemployment rate is low and business is high, and that makes for a great place to live with lots of opportunities. Due to Denver’s location just near The Rocky Mountain formation, Denver is also a hub for mining and energy companies. So, if any of these things sound like career paths you might be interested in, you’ll get a lot out of what Denver has to offer. But, that’s not all that this town is known for!


A Peaceful Way of Life


A lot of cities aren’t known as beautiful or breathtaking, but that’s not the case with Denver. This town has it all – a great landscape, lots of outdoor life, and tons of options for entrepreneurs. For whatever reason you’ve decided to move to Denver, you’ll be really hard pressed to leave this town once you get your bearings. Denver is also an ideal place to live if you love being outdoors – with lots to do during all seasons, it’s hard to find a better place than Denver for the true outdoors enthusiast.


What to Do In Winter


Denver has some of the best ski resorts in the United States. If you are a skier, you will absolutely love what this town has offer. If you just like to snowshoe or skate, you can do all of those things here too. Wintertime means fun time in Denver with sunshine, snow, and tons of local flair.


Colorado overlookSummertime Means Moving Slow and Easy


While winter is great for those that love to ski, Denver is also a have of peace and tranquility in the summertime. With lakes, mountains, trails, and tons of amazing festivals, it’s hard to beat what Denver offers during those lazy summer months.


Spring and Fall Make For Fun Times Too


It really doesn’t matter what season you decide to come to Denver. We can almost guarantee that you will love this town year ‘round. Why? It’s simple: Denver is one of the best places to live, and all you have to do is pack up and join us.


Help With Moving to Denver


Now that you know a bit about why Denver is so great, and why it’s where you want to be if you run a business or are looking for a new career, you may be wondering how you can pack up and move to Denver. Well, have no fear! Exodus Moving and Storage is here! We service both the Fort Collins and Denver areas, and we offer massive storage facilities in both of these areas as well.


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