How to Defrost a Refrigerator

If you have just moved into a new place, or are moving out of an old one, there’s one thing that you will have to do no matter what: defrost your refrigerator. Surprisingly, defrosting a fridge isn’t that hard, but there are a few things that you should know before you pull the plug!

Step 1: Empty the refrigerator. Put all things perishable into a cooler with ice packs, and throw away anything that’s outdated or clearly has expired.

Step 2: Turn off the freezer. Turn the dial on your free to “off,” so that you can start the defrosting process.

Step 3: Remove what you can from inside. If you can take out freezer racks and fridge shelves, do this now. You may not be able to remove some parts that are frozen, though, so don’t try to force these things to move. Instead, wait until the unit has been defrosted completely.

Step 4: Place towels around the edges of the refrigerator in order to catch any water that falls – you don’t want a massive puddle that turns into a safety hazard!

Step 5: Defrost the whole unit. You can complete the defrosting process by using a hair dryer, letting everything melt naturally (this is the easiest way), or through another means like putting a fan in front of the fridge and letting air blow inside the unit.

Step 6: Remove large chunks of ice as they break off (have a bucket nearby for this purpose).

Step 7: Clean the inside of the refrigerator with a rag, and mop up any access water.

empty fridge
CC Image courtesy of Sneed via Flickr.

You should now have a clean and defrosted fridge. Typically, it takes twenty-four hours to clean a refrigerator completely, so make sure that you leave enough time to do this. It’s best if you can defrost and clean your fridge at least three days ahead of your moving date. If you purchase enough canned goods, you can subsist on other items for the days that you do not have a fridge.

Cleaning out your fridge is easy enough, but moving it is another thing! When it comes to moving something as heavy as a refrigerator, make sure to hire experts.

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When it come to figuring out whether to move a fridge or get a new one, let us offer you some advice: if it’s not in good shape, you may just want to get rid of it. Donate an older fridge to someone that can use the help (or a charity), and purchase a new fridge when you move. It will cost less if you choose not to move a fridge, and you can enjoy the look and shape of a brand new unit. But, if you do want to move your fridge to your new home, call your Denver moving company and let us help you. When it comes to moving large items, there’s no need to break your back!

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